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AWO Synchronizable Documents


Synchronizable Documents

An AWO infrastructure that provides offline support for synchronization of different types of documents in AWO. As of now, Inventory Count and Distribution Order are the only ones that are supported and extend this infrastructure.

How does it work?

When a document is created, a line has been added/modified/removed or the document was marked to be removed, between other things, this document or its lines are marked as pending to be synchronized, and each X time online, a synchronization will be performed with the backend.

Pending to be synchronized


Synchronization business logic error


Synchronization network error (Offline)


Synchronization interval

Synchronization time interval is by default 10 seconds, but it can be modified through the preference "OBAWO_SyncDocumentInterval".

Offline supported features

The following features are supported while in offline mode, for both Inventory Count and Distribution Order documents:

Offline limitations

The following flows are only supported in online mode:

Other offline limitations:

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