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Alipay Mobile Integration

This page will detail the installation and the configuration of the Alipay Mobile Payment Integration developed by System-In-Motion.


Configure Guide

Alipay Configure

Alipay || Alipay Config, to Setup PID and Key. If it's a test account please check the checkbox: Is test Alipay Account 1Alipayconfig.jpg

POS Terminal type

In POS Terminal type, create a new payment methond: Alipay. In the payment provider, select "Alipay payment" 2posterminaltype.jpg

Financial Account

In Financial Account, create the Store Account for Alipay, and the Account Type is Alipay, in the below section, Alipay Account, input the seller id(can be same as PID), and select the Apliay config



In Org(the store), to config the cash close event. Same as other payment method

POS Terminal

In POS Terminal, create the payment method for the terminal, and linked with the Account, payment method, and the cash close. This setup is same as a normal payment method.

User Guide

Sales in POS

In the WebPOS, you will see the Ailpay Payment Method. There are 2 ways to use the payment method: Scan to Pay, or Generate QR code. The default is to scan customer's Phone Scan Customer phone


Let customer to scan the QR Code


Alipay Transaction

In the Alipay transaction window, all the tranactions paid by Alipay will be recorded 7Alipaytrx.jpg

Return & Refund

Currently, the refund is not managed in the WebPOS. Recode the customer Alipay account in the WebPOS, and backoffice will handle the refund through a widget: Confirm Alipay Return 6confirmreturn.jpg

More Information

This page about Alipay Mobile Payment Intgration is brought to you by System In Motion

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