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Assets India/User Documentation



This module is installed once the Professional Pack is installed.

Dataset Application

Reference data is not required for this module, so no datasets are provided.

Content of the module

Once installed this module creates a new folder named "Assets" under India Localization menu.

To check the contents of the TDS sub-menu go to Financial Management -> India Localization ->Assets.


Fixed Assets Register

A fixed asset register is an accounting method used for major resources of a business.

Fixed assets are those such as land, machines, office equipment, buildings, patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc, held for the purpose of production of goods or rendering of services and not for the purpose of sale in the ordinary course of business.

Assets Register Report

Assets Register Report is used to generate the fixed assets register reports in different formats such as PDF, HTML, Excel

This kind of report includes


The following configuration needs to be done within Openbravo Assets application area to get Fixed Assets Register information.


Asset Group creation

To create Asset Group follow these steps:



Assets creation

After creating the corresponding Asset Group, follow these steps to create Assets in the "Assets" window.

The Asset window is used to define and configure the Assets of an organizations as well as the depreciation type for that particular asset.







Once the amortization plan is generated using the previous steps, the amortization window displays each amortization plan line linked to the amortization plan of a given period.




Fixed Assets Register

The Fixed Asset Register window shows the assets created as described above as well as several depreciation amounts for each year in the lines tab.

To check Fixed Assets Register follow these steps:

This is a read-only window where assets and all its details are displayed. None of the fields in this window can be edited.


Assets Register Report

Asset Register Report shows the same data as Fixed Asset Register but in a report output format.

To launch the Assets Register Report follow these steps:



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