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Assetsmanagement/Advanced Asset Management/Special Documents

Several documents must be posted in the ERP:

  1. Manual Depreciation
  2. Special Depreciation
  3. Appreciation
  4. Storno Depreciation

This documents will be added through a separate module, that will have a dependency on Advanced Assets module. The DB Prefix will be AAMSD, and the name Advanced Assets Special Documents Just one dependency created to Advanced Assets module.

DB Elements

One New table is required: Name: AAMSD_SpecialDocuments Columns:

(You can see an example of the next elements in the table GL_Journal)

AD Elements

In the path Advanced Assets || Transactions || Assets Movements, a new window has to be created. This window will be used to process and post the special documents. The content of this window is:

(You can see an example of the next elements in the table GL_Journal)

In the G/L Categories (Financial Management || Accounting || Setup || G/L Category || G/L Category ), a new one must be added:

For each of the new document to be created, all this elements must be created:


Taking as an example the, a new Posting servlet will be created implementing the logic specified in the functional document.

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