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Assetsmanagement/Advanced Asset Management/TODO List



Purpose of the Project

The purpose of the project is to add the To Do List functionality to Advanced Asset Management module.

The To Do list is a process that retrieves all the financial invoice lines (both purchase and sales) related to an asset (based on the account type used for the booking) and creates a list of things To Do in the future with this assets, like for example, creating an asset card, add the inventory number, etc.

When the user completes the task, he sets the record as verified and it is automatically hidden the next time the To Do list is updated.

Module information



Column Datatype Required Primary Key Default
aamtodo_todolist_id character varying(32) Yes Yes
ad_client_id character varying(32) Yes No
ad_org_id character varying(32) Yes No
isactive character(1) Yes No 'Y'
created timestamp without time zone Yes No Now()
createdby character varying(32) Yes No
updated timestamp without time zone Yes No Now()
updatedby character varying(32) Yes No
issales character(1) Yes No 'N'
invoiceNo character varying(30) Yes No
invoicelineNo numeric(10) Yes No
c_invoiceline_id character varying(32) Yes No
invoicedate timestamp without time zone Yes No
bookingdate timestamp without time zone Yes No
c_bpartner_id character varying(32) Yes No
c_glitem_id character varying(32) Yes No
isfreightcost character(1) Yes No 'N'
qtyinvoiced numeric Yes No 0
purpose character varying(2000) No No
aam_asset_card_id character varying(32) No No
hasassetcard character(1) Yes No 'N'
isverified character(1) Yes No 'N'
processed character(1) Yes No 'N'
damaged character(1) Yes No 'N'


No triggers required

DB functions and procedures

No required


No required


No required

Application Dictionary

Windows, Tabs and Fields

The new window Financial Management || Advanced Assets || Asset To Do List will have two tabs at 0 level, one called Purchase for purchase invoice lines, and the other one called Sales for sales invoice lines:



Inside both tabs, we will find the following fields:

Name Column Read Only Display Logic
Client AD_Client_ID Y
Organization AD_Org_ID Y
Active Isactive N
Invoice No. Invoiceno Y
Invoice Line C_Invoiceline_ID Y
Line No. Invoicelineno Y
Invoice Date Invoicedate Y
Booking Date Bookingdate Y
Business Partner C_Bpartner_ID Y
G/L Item C_Glitem_ID Y
Is Freight cost IsFreightCost Y
Invoiced Quantity Qtyinvoiced Y
Purpose Purpose Y
Asset Card AAM_Asset_Card_ID N
Asset Card Available Hasassetcard Y
Asset Card Verified Isverified Y
Set as Damaged Damaged N @AAM_Asset_Card_ID@ = ' ' & @Processed@='N' & @Damaged@='N'
Set as Verified Processed N ((@AAM_Asset_Card_ID@ ! & @IsFreightCost@='N') OR @IsFreightCost@='Y') & @Processed@='N' & @Damaged@='N' & @Isverified@='N'


The following processes will be created:

Search Key Name Data Access Level UI Pattern Report Java Class Name Background Parameters
AssetToDoListUpdater Asset To Do List Updater All Standard N org.openbravo.assetsmanagement.todolist.ad_process.AssetToDoListUpdater N AD_ORG_ID, DocType
AssetTodoListUpdaterBackground Asset To Do List Updater Background Process System/Client Manual N org.openbravo.assetsmanagement.todolist.ad_process.AssetToDoListUpdaterBackground Y
AssetToDoListSetAsDamaged Set as Damaged All Standard N N
AssetToDoListSetAsVerified Set as Verified All Standard N N

Reference List

UML Class Diagrams


Package adProcess.jpg


Package adActionButton.jpg

UML Activity Diagrams







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