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Attribute Set

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An attribute set can be defined by a single attribute or by a set of attributes to apply to specific products.

If an attribute set includes among others an attribute which is unique for each instance of the product, for example a lot number or a serial number,
this window is the the place to define which Lot Number Sequence or Serial Number Sequence must apply to get that unique attribute.

The steps to follow are:

Attribute Set

Attribute Set window allows to create as many combination of attributes as required for defining products with few or multiple characteristics.


As shown in the imabe above an attribute set to be assigned to a specific product/s can contain:

Assigned Attribute

An attribute set can have a single or a set of attributes assigned.


As shown in the image above, an attribute set can have only one attribute, by example Color or as many attributes as required, by example Size, Lot Number and Serial Number.

The way to get that is just to select the previously created attributes in this tab.

You should take into account that:

Full list of Attribute Set window fields and their descriptions is available in the Attribute Set Screen Reference.

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