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This documents describes the how the member portal users can pay their invoices through the Openbravo's integration with It is aimed only for the Member Portal Users, and it doesn't describe the way to configure the Openbravo's integration with

Access to the Member Portal

For accessing to the Member Portal, your Vendor should have provided the username (usually your email), password and URL where the portal is located. If you don't have the credentials, please contact directly to your vendor.

Once logged into the portal, you will see something similar to this screenshot (the number of widgets, position, size or color may vary):

Obautn portal.png

Portal Description and Usage

The portal contains a set of widgets which display interesting info for the user. The Openbravo's integration for includes two widgets:

Let's see how it works:

Manual Payment

By default the customers are not subscribed to the automatic payment. This means that, in order to pay their invoices, they will need to log in the Member Portal, select the invoice(s) they want to pay into the My Invoices widget and press the Pay Now button (or the Overdue: Pay Now in case there is an overdue). After that they will see an embedded popup where they can choose to pay it using a credit card or a bank account (called ACH Push):

Obautn online1.png

Once selected the right method, the system will show a secured frame where the user can safely enter the sensitive data. Please note that Openbravo never reads or stores sensitive data from the user, and this operation is done outside the Openbravo's control:

Obautn online2.png

If everything is OK, Openbravo will immediately show the invoice as paid. In case of errors, like for example wrong data introduced by the user or missing mandatory fields, they will be shown in that embedded popup. Depending on the kind of error, the user may fix it and try to pay the invoice again (for example wrong credit card number).

Here is a flow diagram with a summary of the steps in this process:

Obautn online flow.png

Automatic Subscription (CIM Integration)

Alternatively to the manual payment, the user has the opportunity to subscribe to automatic payments by using the Payment Method widget. The user enters the credit card or bank account information just one time using a secured embedded popup provided directly by This information is safely stored into the servers and Openbravo never reads, writes or stores it.

Obautn automatic.png

After the information is entered, the user must authorize Openbravo to charge the provided credit card or bank account for the new invoices and the pending amount to pay (if any).

Obautn automatic2.png

Later on the user can modify the payment method information, for example to change the credit card number or to use a new bank account, or alternatively he can also unsubscribe and go back to manual payments.

For unsubscribing, the user just needs to delete all the payment method information registered before.

Here is a flow diagram with a summary of the steps in this process:

Obautn automatic flow.png

In case the user registers more than one payment method (for example several credit cards or bank accounts), the system will use always one of the defined bank accounts (randomly), and if no bank accounts are defined, the system will use any credit card (randomly). So it's recommended to just define one payment method to avoid confusions.

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