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Backport Management



This document talk about how to manage backports, a backport is a fix that needs to be done in a release already published, different of the latest one.

As general rule we publish new versions of the releases starting from the last CS one, and including all the QAA.

How to create backports

Bulbgraph.png   The most important field in a backport is the target_version, you should ensure to have it filled and updated as needed
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Flow for regressions

Say regression found in 14Q3 (supposing PI is 15Q2) and note that for 14Q4 we are not going to publish any update.

Please note


I have an issue already resolved or closed, how I create a backport of it?

It is needed to change to another status and go back to scheduled status to create the backports.

The issue only apply to x release but in pi is already fix, do I need to create an issue or only the backport?

It is needed to create the issue for pi, create the backport for release x and then the issue for pi can be rejected as "no change required"

When commiting a backport I have to put in the message the id of the issue or the id of the backport?

The commit message of a backport should have the id of the backport.

How do I transplant the changeset from pi to backport repository?

Typically the same changeset created for pi can be applied without (major) modifications in the backport branch, if this is the case, the following mercurial command can be executed in the directory where you have the backport repository clone. Note the -e param which allows to edit the message commit in order to set the id of the backport.

hg transplant -e -s pathToYourLocalPiClone changesetIdToBackport

The commit url in mantis of a backport don't work

After the publish of the emergency release the backport repository is merged to main , and the repository is deleted, so the links to the commits will stop working.

The workaround is edit the url changing "backport/3.0PRxQy.z" to "devel/main".


Should be:

Or in the case of retail, change "retail/backports/3.0RRxQy.z" to "erp/pmods". Example

Should be:

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