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This article aims at collecting the best practices for backing up Openbravo in a unique place. Be it the Openbravo Appliance, Ubuntu, Amazon EC2 or a custom installation.

Openbravo Appliance

The Openbravo appliances based on Ubuntu has an integrated backup, follow this guide to configure it.

Ubuntu package

Bulbgraph.png   Ubuntu installation from ppa is not recommend, please use the appliances.

The Openbravo Ubuntu package is installed in a self-contained directory. This means that if you save the contents of that directory you are taking a full snapshot of the Openbravo installation:

Amazon EC2

The Openbravo AMIs has inside the appliance so can be used the same backups that the appliance.

On top of this backup, in Amazon EC2 is possible to create snapshots of the entire machine.

Custom installation

Custom installations differ in most cases precisely because of their customized nature. Follow these generic instructions on how to make and restore backups. As every custom deployment is potentially different, every case will require special care and attention, specific details might change.

As an alternative option you can also use the replication tool to replicate an installation from one instance to another.

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