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Cancel instance


Functional Specification


Right now a Professional Instance can be deactivated, converting it in a community instance.

This project aims to allow this two action for Professional Instances:


The above matches our current behavior + ability to disable modules, which is still needed.

When a Professional Edition subscription expires, the system locks down, meaning that only system administrators can login. This prevents the expiration from going unnoticed. To restore the functioning system, system administrators have three options, all of them available from the Instance Activation window: 1) Renew 2) Deactivate (see above) 3) Cancel Subscription (new behavior)

The new behavior of point 3 has the following logic:

pre-paid fee (let's say 100 euro) to cover processing expenses.

Once the subscription has been canceled:

Please notice that implementing this behavior means changing some of the wording in the Instance Activation window. For example, the following text explaining the Deactivate button (which is already bad) needs to be revised:

To deactivate this Instance from a Professional Subscription System, press the button below. Please note that all commercial features without a valid perpetual subscription will become inactive in this Instance. Please note that all commercial features will become inactive in this Instance.


As core right now is a commercial module, it will be treated as an exception when deactivating an instance, this is it will be allowed to deactivate an instance having a commercial core. Other case would make impossible to deactivate an instance because core is always present.


This project depends on Disabling modules.


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