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Cash VAT Management/Technical Documentation Manual Settlement



The Cash VAT management development is split in Core and an external module called Cash VAT Management, that can be installed from the Central Repository.

All the business logic is directly implemented in Core, and the external module only contains the User Interface artifacts (Tabs and Fields). This is an easy way to hide this functionality for the clients that won't use it.

This document describes the technical specification for the new feature Manual Cash VAT Settlement available since Cash VAT Management 1.0.100 and Openbravo PR16Q1. For the general Cash VAT technical documentation please visit Cash_VAT_Management/Technical_Documentation

Changes in Core




Application Dictionary


Changes in Cash VAT module





The triggers ensure coherent data in case the UI read only logic is bypassed somehow.

Application Dictionary

This section describes only the important stuff related to the application dictionary.

It automatically calculates the pending percentage, tax amount and taxable amount per Cash VAT tax rate.

If the line is already included in the Manual Cash VAT Settlement, then the line is automatically selected.

Note that the OBCVAT_MANUALSETTLEMENTLINE.C_INVOICETAX_CASHVAT_ID is a unique index, so the query doesn't affect performance.


Module Scripts

Other topics

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