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Cashflow Forecast Report

This article is protected against manual editing because it is automatically generated from Openbravo meta-data. Learn more about writing and translating such documents.



Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 3.0PR17Q2.

To get this feature in previous Openbravo 3 versions you must install the external module Report: Cash Flow Forecast from the Module Management window.



This report shows amounts of cash coming into your business and amounts of cash going out over a given period. It enables you to predict peaks and troughs in your cash balance.


The ERP calculates the incomes and payment taking into account three different movements: Invoices, payments In/Out and financial transactions.


Bulbgraph.png   Orders that are not linked to an invoice or payment are not taken into account although they have a payment plan


MulticurrencyCashflow core.png


FiltersCashFlow core0.png

NotmarkedCashFlow core.png

MarkedCashFlow core.png

HTML/PDF output

This report has two sections:

SummaryCashFlow core.png

DetailCashFlowForecast core.png

Excel output

The excel format has been design in a simpler manner avoiding groups (Date planned, Income/Payment). The reason for this is to allow end users manipulate the document

DetailExcelCashFlow Core.PNG

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