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Requesting a server

Note that any new server have associated costs

To request a server, please send an email to following this template

Subject: We need a new server to/for <say purpose here>
- Responsible (acronym): the person that ask for the server
- Team: responsible's team
- Approved by: the person that accounts for the cost of the instance
- SSH access: developer/s that require ssh access to the server
- Amazon user (yes/username): the user name, if the responsible or her team has EC2 console access
- Downtime: the time at which the console will be stopped if the user did not, e.g. 20:00 CEST
- Expected expiration time: when the server will no longer be of use. we ask the responsible before terminating the server
- Preferred AWS region: the AWS region in which the server will be created
- ERP version: an ERP version with an AMI already published
- Include Retail (yes/no): if yes, the Retail version will be the same as of the ERP
- Server type (default): default or other in case you know which one you want
- Disk size (default): required disk space
- DNS (no/hostname): if the server requires DNS name, specify it
- Amazon console link:
- Amazon console username: (to be filled by RM)
- Amazon console permissions: (to be filled by RM)
- IP: (to be filled by RM)
- DNS: (to be filled by RM)
- Region: (to be filled by RM)
- Instance id: (to be filled by RM)
- Amazon link: (to be filled by RM)

request example:

Subject: We need a new server to test new appliance
- Responsible (acronym): ACV
- Team: Retail Team
- Approved by: Jane Doe
- SSH access: ACV
- Amazon user:
- Downtime: 14:00 CEST
- Expected expiration time: 2019 April 12th
- Preferred AWS region: no
- ERP version: 18Q3
- Include Retail (yes/no): no
- Server type (default): default
- Disk size (default): default
- DNS:
- Amazon console link:
- Amazon console username: -
- Amazon console permissions: -
- IP: -
- DNS: -
- Region: -
- Instance id: -
- Amazon link: -

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