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Welcome to the Web POS developers guide. This developers guide contains all the information you need on how to change, extend and create new and exciting features using Web POS technology.

Web POS is a fully web based POS system based on HTML5 technologies. The documents in this guide explains how to modify, customize and extend the Web POS windows and functionalities.

Web POS is a part of the Openbravo for Retail and is based on the Openbravo 3 technology. Openbravo for Retail is composed by a set of modules installed on top of Openbravo 3 including the Web POS. These modules deliver the retail functionality provided by Openbravo and the base technology to extend and create new retail functionality to adapt Openbravo for Retail to your business needs. To start developing for Openbravo for Retail you need first a general understanding of the Openbravo 3 technology. In the main Developer's Guide it is explained all the concepts needed before starting with Openbravo for Retail.

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