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Benefits of Adopting Beacon Advertising For Different Businesses

Beacon is the medium that conveys a message or acts as a signal usually it is attractive looking and clearly visible thing. Today beacon advertising is an innovative type of promotional medium that are low cost, low powered devices used to act as both transmitter and a receiver. Beacons have Bluetooth chips embedded within supported by a lithium battery and wide support range. Among the valuable applications of Beacons some of the popular ones include guiding your customers at retail stores, shopping malls, conference halls, display ad content, offers and discounts and guide customers at hotels, IT firms education institutes and more. They are future-ready for business with exponential usage of mobile devices on an everyday basis.

Utilizing beacon advertising is a smart way to send set of defined marketing messages and configure the beacons to display information as these transceivers can be stuck to any hard and dry surface like walls devoid of any hardware maintenance cost. Unlike any other Enterprise Applications and Marketing Software, Beacons are low cost devices completely managing the associated application, analyzing the results obtained from your customers and gain insights. With automation at its optimum beacons do not require human intervention as they work and start push messages and display ad content such as images and videos as soon as the user reaches the specific range or depending on the time interval set by the developer.

iBeacons is a new concept originally introduced by Apple Inc. which is used as an indoor positioning and proximity based messaging system. iBeacon proximity marketing is a great concept that has gained popularity and several top business houses have emerged to manufacture hardware and develop mobile device applications exclusively for Beacon technology.

With beacon technology smartphones can now see more of the world around them opening up endless set of possibilities for richer and personalized experiences. Estimote Beacons are one of the top companies in the industry. The software allows you to build new mobile interactions, from proximity marketing to contactless payments to in-venue analytics. With beacons from Estimote international developers are building apps in retail, education, healthcare, transportation, hospitality and more.

Eddystone Beacons is a new and open communication protocol developed by Google with Android users in mind. They have extended functionality and exist as 3 different types of protocol: Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-URL, and Eddystone-TLM, and Eddystone-EID. The Eddystone specification includes a number of broadcast frame types, designed to give developers and venue owners’ flexibility in their beacon deployments. Appadia is a leader in installing and managing Proximity Beacons which are compatible with the iBeacon (Apple) and Eddystone (Google) standard.

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