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Testing your Chart of Accounts/ja


Testing the chart of accounts


test1 と test2 は、initial client setupが正しく動くことを確認するためのものです。そして、test 3 は、貸借対照表が正しくバランスすることを確認するためのものです。

Test 1. Spreadsheet test

スプレッドシートテストでは、SourceForge Chart Of Accounts Test folder にあるファイルChartTestv2.35 を用いてテストします。このファイルを用いることで、実際にOpenbravoに勘定科目チャートをロードすることなく、最初のテストを行うことができます。

The process to make the test is also defined in the spreadsheet and is this:

  1. Paste the content of the “csv” file in the "Chart" sheet (the second sheet the workbook)
  2. Format data in columns with the function Data -> Text to columns, choose delimited and click "," as separator, and click Finish, in this moment you have each field in a cell of the worksheet
  3. Verify in the first worksheet that all the checks are passed

If you have the chart of accounts in worksheet format, you can replace steps 1 and 2 with the paste of the chart of accounts on the Chart sheet.

This spreadsheet detects simple errors in the chart of accounts with 10 test:

  1. Defaults not defined: it looks that the 30 default accounts are defined, this accounts are explained in the chart of accounts document.
  2. Account Value not null: it tests that there isn’t account values with null value.
  3. Name not null: it tests that there isn’t names with null value.
  4. Type in domain: it test that the initial letter of the type is “A”, “L”, “O”, “E”, “R” or “M”, the initials of Asset, Liability, Owner’s equity, Expense, Revenues and Memo.
  5. Sign in domain: it test that the initial letter of the sign is “D”, “C”, “N” or “E”, the initials of Debit, Credit, Natural and Empty.
  6. Document in domain: it test that the initial letter of the document is “Y”, “N” or “E” the initials of Yes, No and Empty.
  7. Document not "Y" with default: it tests that the accounts with default has the document to Yes.
  8. Summary in domain: it test that the initial letter of the summary is “Y”, “N” or “E” the initials of Yes, No and Empty.
  9. If Document "Y" summary "N": it test that if the column Document is set to Yes, the column summary must be No.
  10. Not Summary must have Parent: it test that the columns that are not summary must have a Parent.

In the figure you can see a snapshot of this spreadsheet.


Test 2. Initial client setup

The Initial client setup process creates an entity and loads the chart of accounts. The process tests the chart of accounts and send a message if the format is not correct. In the image you can see an example of a successful process


Test 3. Test the accounting process

The true test of the chart of accounts is that it produces correct account entries and the General Ledger Reports are as you expect. You can test this with any entity, but to make easier this process we have defined an example entity with documents of different kinds. After processing and posting all the documents you can get the different accounting reports. You can test, for example that the Balance sheet is balanced. The complete documentation of this test is available in sourceforge. The last version is the 1.4. In this version, we differentiate if only the invoices generates accounting -as in the spanish case-, or if the goods shipments also generates accounting -as in the US case-.

There is also available a testing client recently included in the application. For further information, please visit this link.

Additional questions

If you have any question or doubt you can post them at the Translations & Localizations forum.

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