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Commercial/Extensible Golden Key

Up to now, golden key license expiration day is generated per instance for 30 from the day of activation, after expiration, instance cannot be refreshed anymore. This is going to be changed to work as the rest of licenses, defining expiration date per license not per instance and allowing refreshal.


Functional Requirements

Technical Requirements



Currently when a new Golden Key license is created, expiration date field in license's header is hidden and not used. Whenever a new instance is activated for this license, a new expiration date (30 days from now) for that instance is calculated. From now on, expiration date in header must be kept for Golden Keys (should it be mandatory?) and per instance expiration date not calculated so header's one is used.

Rest of implemented restrictions are kept.


All golden key licenses (~285) should now be reviewed to set up a correct expiration date. For the updated ones, expiration date in instances should be blanked.


ERP instances <3.0MP16 don't allow to refresh Golden Key license, so in case they expire, they will become unusable.

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