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Coworking:Access Card

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Maintain access cards and their assignment to individuals.

Access cards (also known as Key FOB) are physical devices that allow to identify users and control their access to buildings and facilities. This module allows to track the life cycle of access cards and their assignment to individuals. Access Card Management window is used to manage the lifecycle of your access cards. An asset card is a physical device that is identified by a code, the Access Card Key - which is typically an 8 digit number. The Access Card Key is in most cases not printed on the physical device itself for security reason but the device is able to transmit it to a reader when "swiped". Typically Asset Cards are bought in bulk and often come in packs of 100. One you buy a pack of asset cards, you can register them in the Asset Card window. When you assign an access card to an individual for usage, you can record that assignment with a start date in the Assignment History tab of the window. When the individual returns the card, you can end date the assignment and the card can now be reassigned to a different individual. The Asset Card record shows whether the card is currently assigned and who is the current assignee. If the card is lost or retired from usage, you can mark it as inactive and preserve the assignment history. Additionally, when you look at a business partner contact, you can see if that individual has been assigned an access card.

Access Card

Use this tab to maintain access cards.


Assignment History

Manage the historical assignment records of an access key to individuals.


Full list of Access Card window fields and their descriptions is available in the Access Card Screen Reference.

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