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Coworking:Contract Invoice Schedule

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The contract invoice schedule is a definition for the invoice plan creation. Following the definition of the contract invoice schedule assigned to the contract, it is able to automatically generate and refresh the invoice plan..

Contract Invoice Schedule

A contract invoice schedule defines following aspects:

  1. Frequency of invoicing
  2. When the invoicing occurs
  3. the period to be invoiced
  4. What is the invoice date to created invoices

Contract invoice schedule

Fields to note are:

  1. Organization: The organization to which this registry applies.
  2. Active: There are two methods of making records unavailable in the system: One is to delete the record, the other is to de-activate the record. A de-activated record is not available for selection, but available for reporting. There are two reasons for de-activating and not deleting records:

(1) The system requires the record for auditing purposes.

(2) The record is referenced by other records. E.g., you cannot delete a Business Partner, if there are existing invoices for it. By de-activating the Business Partner you prevent it from being used in future transactions.

  1. Name: A descriptive name.
  2. Description: A more detailed definition.

Regular Services Field Group

This configuration is applied to create invoice plan lines in contracts, in addition to the Invoice Plan Master definition

Example Period

Example Period

Monthly Merging Options

Sometimes an invoice is created within the invoiced period (i.e. when the contract is signed, and the first invoice is created in that moment). It is possible to define merging options, that allows to merge the first invoices with the next one, or the last invoice from a contract with the previous one.

Monthly Merging Options

Discretionary Services Field Group

Here is defined the invoice schedule in order to include in Contract Billing Process those services, as Sales Orders, linked to a contract.

Discretionary Services Field Group

Full list of Contract Invoice Schedule window fields and their descriptions is available in the Contract Invoice Schedule Screen Reference.

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