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Coworking:G/L Journal

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A G/L (General Ledger) journal allows to post journal entries to the ledger and create G/L item payments.

As already explained most of the accounting entries are created while posting documents such as purchase invoices, sales invoices, etc.
The accounting entries which do not match to an existing Document Type need to be posted to the ledger by using a G/L Journal.

Besides, a G/L Journal can be used to create "G/L Item Payments" or payments do not related to orders or invoices.
This feature is very useful while posting an employee payroll to the ledger as the payroll payment can be created at the same time.
Please review the How to manage payroll accounting and payment article for additional information.

Finally, a G/L Journal can also be configured as a template.
This feature allows to create the same journal entries as the ones contained in the G/L Journal set as template.
This feature is also very useful while posting employee payroll for instance.


A G/L journal batch allows to group G/L journals of similar characteristics which can all be processed at the same time.


As shown in the image above a G/L Journal batch can contain below data:

None of above data is mandatory at this point because a G/L journal can contain several journals having different accounting periods and accounting dates. Same applies to the currency as a G/L journal can contain several journals of different general ledger configurations.

Once a batch is created and saved, it is possible to create as many G/L Journals as required, which once ready can be completed and processed at the same time as a "unique" batch.

A G/L journal and therefore its content can be set up as "Template", that template can be later on used while creating a new G/L journal by using the process button "Copy Lines" as described in the next section.

G/l Journal set up as “Template”

As already mentioned a G/L Journal and therefore its content can be configured as a "Template". For getting that working it is required to follow below steps:

1. create a G/L journal to account the employee payroll corresponding to the period of July 2012, for instance. That G/L Journal needs to be marked as "Template".
The content of that G/L Journal can be the one described in the How to manage payroll accounting and payment article.

2. Create a new G/L journal to account the employee payroll corresponding to the period of August 2012. Enter an Accounting Date" and a "Period":

GL Journal01.png

3. Press the Copy Details process button.
A new window is shown containing all the templates available:


Note that it is possible to search for a template by using the G/L journal document number set as template and the description fields.

4. Select a template and click OK. After that, Openbravo populates in the just created G/L Journal the same journal entries only the dates are different.

It may be necessary to change the journal entries amounts, for doing that it is possible to edit the G/L Journal Lines and then change the amounts.
The last step is to post the G/L Journal, therefore the corresponding journal entries are posted to the ledger.


A G/L journal header can include journals which can contain several journal lines.


A G/L Journal header contains below data:

There is a checkbox named "Opening" which can be flag just to state that a journal contains opening balance accounts entries.

There is a list of actions which can be executed from the G/L Journal header:

Note that upon G/L Journal completion a "G/L Item" payment will be created for each journal line that has the "Open Items" checkbox selected as explained in the G/L Item payments creation section.

The Journal will be completed even if any of the Payment/s creation failed. In this case an error message will be shown indicating the Lines that tried to create a Payment but failed.


The lines tab allows to enter the journal entries of a G/L journal as well as G/L item payment related information.

Bulbgraph.png   Below explained feature works currently for organizations which do have only one General Ledger configuration in a given currency (i.e USD) while creating a G/L Journal in the same currency as General Ledger currency and Financial Account currency (i.e USD).


Accounting information related to the GL Journal

For more details please review the accounting article.

Full list of G/L Journal window fields and their descriptions is available in the G/L Journal Screen Reference.

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