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Coworking:Master Data Management

This article is protected against manual editing because it is automatically generated from Openbravo meta-data. Learn more about writing and translating such documents.
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One of the steps to take while setting up Openbravo is to define the master data to be used across other Openbravo application areas.

Openbravo "Master Data Management" helps to organize and centralize in a single repository the key data of the organization.

Having a single repository of data:

  1. avoids data duplication
  2. provides a unique way of data coding
  3. and is a key aspect for guaranteeing the coherence and tracking of business processes of any type.

Master data creation is one part of the overall Business setup flow in Openbravo and as any other setup it is required prior entering transactions.

Master Data Management key concepts

The key data of the company which are explained within this section are:

Application Menu

"Master Data Management" application area is split into:

Please find below detailed description of all the windows of the Master Data Management application area.

Business Partner Setup

The "Business Partner Setup" folder allows to separately define the configuration of the business partners.
This involves the creation of the business partner categories and the establishment of payment terms and discounts.

Product Setup

The "Product Setup" folder allows to separately define the configuration of the products.
This involves the creation of the product categories and the establishment of units of measure and product attributes.


The "Pricing" folder allows to separately setup the basic configuration of the prices.
This involves the creation of the Price List Schema and the establishment of the Price Lists and Price List Versions.

Initial Data Load

This manual explains how to prepare and format legacy data from existing sources and then import it into Openbravo ERP using the load process offered by this module. As the name of the module suggests, this process is designed for the initial load of data which means the import should be done into a fresh client since the data does not get updated but inserted only!

This module currently supports the import of the following entities:



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