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Coworking:Payment Proposal

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The payment proposal is a tool that helps the user to make payments by selecting the documents related to a given payment method or scheduled to be paid before a given due date. The system proposes what should be paid based on the selection criteria provided by the user.

The steps to follow are:


The payment proposal window allows to enter a set of selection criteria that help the user to make payments massively.


The fields to note are:

The Select Expected Payments header button displays the documents that match the selection criteria entered above.
Notice that the data shown in the grid is filtered using the previous criteria (implicit filter). In order to see pending invoices or orders of a different Payment Method for instance it is necessary to clear the filters by clicking in the funnel icon.

SelectExpectedPayments PaymentProposal.png

Besides, the "Select Expected Payments" window allows to:

per each document/raw selected.

The "Submit" button finishes the process and gets that the selection is populated in the Lines tab.

Finally, the Generate Payments header button allows to take to actions:

Once executed:


The lines tab shows the transactions (orders and/or invoices) included in the payment proposal.

APRM PaymentProposal.png

A payment proposal can be "Reactivated" that means that the payment/s created are deleted and therefore removed from the Payment Out window.

Full list of Payment Proposal window fields and their descriptions is available in the Payment Proposal Screen Reference.

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