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A preference is a type of session value which can either be an attribute or a property.

Every time a user logs in Openbravo a new Openbravo session is opened.

While loging in the user enters several variables such as the Role, the Client and the Organization and once in navigates to a Window.
All those variables have a key influence on the session values the user will get.

In other words, Preferences allow to define session values, session values which can either be a property or an attribute defined for a single client or for all of them, or for a single organization or for all of them.

Preferences can be assigned to the system or to a specific module, therefore while exporting that module, the preferences it has assigned will also be exported so those general settings can be reused.

For instance, there is an existing Property named "Implements an alternative Invoice Process button". That existing property is currently assigned to the Module "Advanced Payables and Receivables Management" with a value = "Y" for any client, organization, user, role and window:

For instance, there is an Attribute named "Autosave" which is currently assigned to the system with a value ="Y". This attribute is visible and therefore applicable to System client and to (*) organization for any user, role and window.


Preference window allow to define and maintain session values which can be visible and therefore applied to different levels such as Client, Organization, User, Role and Window.

Preferences Definition


As shown in the image above there is one field named "Property List" which is key in defining a preference as a property or as an attribute:


Preferences Visibility

Preference visibility section defines the levels where a preference is going to be used and therefore applied.

Preference levels can be set to a given value or left empty. If a level is left empty the preference will be valid for any value of that level.
For instance, if user level is empty, any user will be able to see that preference. In case the same preference has values at different levels, the most specific one will then be used.

Available levels are:

Preference Priority

Preference Priority section defines priority of multiple preferences defined for same Property

Preference Priority will be applied while loading the default Preferences of the Logged in Role.

Preferences Values

When logging in Openbravo or changing the role or the organization, the preferences visible for that user, role, client, organization or window are stored in the Openbravo session. Those session values can be obtained by using the method: org.openbravo.erpCommon.utility.Utility.getContext method.


Conflicts can be manually resolved by checking and modifying the preference.

Full list of Preference window fields and their descriptions is available in the Preference Screen Reference.

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