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Coworking:Process Request

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A background process is a system action requested by the user who has to previously provide auxiliary parameter values to execute that action.

There are two background processes which are listed by default in the process request window, those are:

Apart from that there are other background processes which can also be scheduled and therefore monitored:

All of the processes above can be scheduled if logged as System Administrator role.

Process Request

Process Request window allows to review and add background processes which can be scheduled or unschedule as required.

ProcessRequest Window.png

The information to fill in to schedule a background process is:

Bulbgraph.png   Note that "Number of Repetitions" is the number of times the process will be scheduled after its first execution. E.g. A value of 3 means that the process will be scheduled 4 times.

Process defined as "Run Inmediately" and "Run Later" can either be Scheduled or Rescheduled.
Process defined as "Schedule" can either be Scheduled or Unschedule.

Costing Background Process

The Costing Background Process is the process in charge of searching for goods transactions such as:

for which its cost has not been calculated yet.

This process considers only transactions having its "Costing Status" property as:

Costing background process:

Bulbgraph.png   Since Openbravo 3.0 MP31 the "Costing Background process" needs to be configured for each Legal entity defined in the client, as this process runs now at legal entity (Organization) level. Until now it was only necessary to configure it once, because it ran at Client level

Note: It is important to remark that if the process is scheduled at (*) organization level, it will run for all the Legal Entities defined in the Client, therefore it would not be necessary to configure the process more than once.

The transactions are calculated sequentially ordered by the Transaction Process date that is the date and time when the document that originated the transaction was processed.

If the Costing Server throws an error the background process stops and it is not possible to calculate any new transaction cost until the error is fixed.
The error message can be checked in the Process Monitor window. Note that although the Costing Background might have failed the process monitor might show a Success. Please refer to the Process Log field to get the real result message.

Some costing algorithms such as "FIFO" implement the "Pending" Costing Status as a way to delay the cost calculation of a given transaction/s until the next run.
This way the costing calculation process is not stopped for the rest of the transactions having a Not Calculated or Pending status, for which it is possible to calculate the cost.

Price Correction Background Process

Price correction background process searches for Goods Receipts that:

After that this process checks and compares whether:

If the purchase price has changed a Price Correction cost adjustment is created for the products included in the Goods Receipt(s).

There is a process named "Process Price Different Adjustment" that manually adjusts if required all Goods Receipts already invoiced prior upgrading Openbravo 3 instance to manage Cost Adjustments feature.

Process Group

Bulbgraph.png   This capability was sponsored through Agility ERP, and is available starting from PR14Q4

Process Request has been modified in order to be able to schedule a process group. There is a check Group. Marking the check a field called Process Group will appear and you will be able to select a Process Group.

The schedule of a process group will work exactly as the schedule of a single process. Is not possible to schedule a process group and a single process at the same time.

More information in Process Group


Full list of Process Request window fields and their descriptions is available in the Process Request Screen Reference.

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