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Coworking:Sales Quotation

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A Quotation is not a sales order document type but a different document type named "Quotation" linked to a specific document sequence.

Bulbgraph.png   In order to be able to create a sales order from a sales quotation, the quotation document type needs to be properly configured. That means that it requires a document type (i.e. Standard Order) to be defined in the field "Document Type for Order"

The overall flow is very simple:

Actions in quotations

Statuses of the quotation

Bulbgraph.png   One quotation one sales order. Several sales order cannot be created from the same quotation


Create a sales quotation and process it when ready.

Header lists the main terms and conditions related to the customer quotation that will be used in the heading of its printed copy and further in its order, shipment and invoicing process.

In majority of the cases main (and the only) field needed to create a new quotation is the Business Partner field. All other fields are automatically populated based on the selected Business Partner, logged in User preferences and other system default parameters.

Some other fields to note are :

Things to consider:

Bulbgraph.png   Taxes are always recalculated based on the transaction date (Date you execute the button)


Add products to be included in your sales quotation. Each product can be added by creating a new line.

Lines tab lists each product to be quoted and its characteristics.

Book button completes the sales quotation when all the products are entered.

Line Tax

This tab shows the taxes related to the quotation line.

Line Tax read-only tab details taxes information for each line of a sales order based on its Tax field which is automatically pre-filled according to the Taxes Setup.


Edit the taxes applied to the quotation.

Summarizes tax related information for the whole sales quotation. Contains as many records as tax rates used in the quotation.

Full list of Sales Quotation window fields and their descriptions is available in the Sales Quotation Screen Reference.

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