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Edit standard data types such as strings, integers, lists as well as custom data types.


Define basic reference name, description and type.

Reference Translation

Edit your reference translations for the predefined languages of your choice.

List Reference

Define the list elements for a list validation type.


Edit the translations of selected list elements for the predefined languages of your choice.

Table Reference

Define the table reference.

User Interface Definition

Defines user interface specific properties on type level.

Selector Reference

Define the selector reference with corresponding table and column.

Selector Reference Columns

Define the columns that are going to be fill in

Selector Class

Define the Java classes that implement the selector reference..

Selector Mapping

Add mappings used to call the selector reference through a browser.

Defined Selector

Define and maintain selectors which make it possible to search through a suggestion box, a drop-down or a popup window with multiple search columns. The selector consists of selector fields which define which properties to show in the suggestion box and popup and on which properties to search.

Defined Selector Translation

Translation of the selector header information.

Defined Selector Field

The selector field defines a column/property which is shown in the suggestion box or popup window.

Selector Field Translation

Selector Field Translation

Widget in Form

Window Reference

Mask Reference

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