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Coworking:Session Preferences

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Session preferences allow showing or hiding accounting tabs or translation tabs for a given user, role, client and organization.


As shown in the image above session preferences window allow to setup a list of session preferences for the user, the role, the client and the organization entered while login in Openbravo.
That user will have to have access rights to this window to get these preferences setup.

Available session preferences which can be shown or hiden are:

Window Name Tab/Sub-Tab Name
General Ledger Configuration General Ledger Configuration
General Ledger Configuration Documents
General Ledger Configuration General_Accounts
General Ledger Configuration Defaults
Accounting Transaction Details Header
Asset Group Accounting
Asset Accounting
Business Partner Customer Accounting
Business Partner Vendor Accounting
Business Partner Employee Accounting
Business Partner Category Accounting
Financial Account Accounting History
Financial Account Accounting Configuration
Financial Account Accounting
G/L Item Accounting
Product Accounting
Product Category Accounting
Tax Rate Accounting
Warehouse and storage bin Accounting

Finally the Save Preferences button allows to save the changes.

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