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Create Purchase Invoices from Deliveries

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This window helps you to create purchase invoices from goods shipments.

Create Purchase Invoices from Deliveries executes automatic generation of Purchase Invoices for all Goods Receipt to be invoiced. It’s important to note that for a good receipt that has not been invoiced completely but has been invoiced partially, the process will generate an invoice for the part of the good receipt that has not been invoiced.

The process has some parameters for indicate the Goods receipt which are going to be invoiced and others for indicate the invoices generated fields. Those parameters are:

This process considers all goods receipt that has not been invoiced for the vendor, warehouse and movement date indicated in the process parameters. It will generate one invoice for each shipment according to that specification.

The order reference and invoice date of the generated purchases invoices is indicated in the process. Other invoice fields such as price list, payment terms, and payment method are taken from the vendor definition in the Business partner window. The unit price for the product in the invoice line is taken from the order line related to each good movement line. If not exists that purchase order line, the unit price for the product is taken from the vendor purchase pricelist in the vendor definition.



Important field to note is Invoice Date. If specified this date is transferred as the Invoice Date to the generated Purchase Invoices (and so to Accounting Date field that is used in the posting record of the invoice to the general ledger).

OK button launches the process and all goods receipt pending to be invoiced that match the filters are automatically invoiced.

When the process is finished, a message is shown with the total number of created invoices and their document numbers.

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