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Create all pricelists


On daily sales, specially on retail and distribution, price lists are very important. Therefore, Openbravo includes plenty of information to manage and update a price list versions per business partner.

This functionality includes different price lists, price list versions per each price list and price list schemes. Have a look to these concepts to better understand Create all price lists functionality.

As you may know, managing hundreds of price lists is a tedious work, you have to keep all price lists updated, each of the price lists has lots of products, etc. Openbravo allows hierarchical price list structure. And this hierarchy is based on price list schemes.


Best way to understand what Create all price lists is used for, is using an example.

Example 1:

Let’s think you own a bakery and you sale different bread types to different customers. You may have French bread, rolls, bagels, etc. An for each type you may have different sizes small, medium and extra.

You use a main price list (with a price list version) containing a price per bread when they are medium size. Based on this price list we build 2 other price lists applying a price list schema. For small breads, 5% off and for extra breads 4% more. This way you will be able to manage price updates easily. Suppose flour price raises 10%, and you want to increase all prices for all breads. You could follow this steps:


The Create All Price list generates all price lists pending from the selected price list. The process checks for all child price lists, and applying the defined price list schema, it generates a new version for each price list.


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