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Currencies and conversion rates are basic settings to share within Openbravo.

Currencies used world wide are automatically created and listed in the currency window once Openbravo installation is completed.
All these currencies are linked to the system organization (*), that means that those currencies will be shared by all the organizations in the system.


Currency window allows to visualize or to create and configure the currencies to use in monetary transactions.


As shown in the image above currency relevant data is:

Openbravo allows to setup three types of currency precision:

Changes on currency precision can only be made at client level therefore System Admin Role need to be used.

For additional information about how to change price precision, review this wiki article.

Conversion Rates

Conversion rates tab list the available conversion rates for a given currency.


A conversion rate is the valid rate at which one currency may be converted into another one within a given period of time.

Above implies that a single currency might have several conversion rates depending on:

Currency conversion rates can be created also in Conversion Rates window, therefore can be reviewed in this tab.

Openbravo recommends conversion rates to be configured in the Conversion Rates window, as it is required to defined both the "Multiple Rate By" (USD - €) and the "Divide Rate By" (€ - USD) to properly defined the exchange of two currencies.


Currencies can be translated to any language if required.


Full list of Currency window fields and their descriptions is available in the Currency Screen Reference.

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