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A datasource is used to provide data to user interface components running on the client. The data can be read from the database or can be computed at runtime in memory. Data consists mostly of records with fields which are displayed on the client in forms and grids.



A datasource provides data to a client side user interface component (like a form or grid). The datasource reads for example data from a database table but can also provide data which is computed in real time at runtime. A datasource typically supports the 4 crud operations: create, fetch, update and delete. The fields of the records returned by the datasource are defined as the datasource field.


Datasource field

A datasource provides data from the database. Each data instance (record) in the data source has one or more fields. The technical property name and type are defined in the Openbravo Datasource Field tab.


Full list of Datasource window fields and their descriptions is available in the Datasource Screen Reference.

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