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Deep Linking



According to Wikipedia "Deep linking, on the World Wide Web, is making a hyperlink that points to a specific page or image on a website, instead of that website's main or home page. Such links are called deep links"[1], in the case of Openbravo ERP is the way to link with a URL directly to an specific functionality, e.g. a Window/Tab, a Manual Form, etc. This link can be built and attach it in a email, or copy/paste it in a IM window, etc.

Retrieving a direct/deep link

The Openbravo user interface makes it very easy to retrieve an url to a window, tab and specific record (in a child tab). See the icon in the top of the Openbravo window.

Direct link button.png

This icon can be clicked to create a direct link to a tab:

Direct link popup.png

This example shows the direct link to the sales invoice header tab.

Structure of the URL


More information of the structure of an URL[2]

The following parameters are supported:


Here are some examples of hyperlinks:



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