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Discounts and Promotions

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Discounts and Promotions is a mechanism that allows to adjust prices based on different rules. External modules can extend this definition by providing additional rules (Discount Types) implementations.

Discounts and Promotions, formerly Price Adjustments, defines rules to be applied to invoice and order lines to adjust prices.


This feature is an Openbravo Advanced Feature that is hidden by default, however and as any other advanced feature can be shown in a very easy way.

This advanced feature requires to set as "Active":

Please review the Advanced Features section of this user guide to better understand how a window and a tab of a window can be shown.

How Promotions are applied

Rules are applied to order or invoice lines based on the filters in that rule, for example to a specific Business Partner Category acquiring a concrete set of products during a fixed period of time.

When the line is saved, actual price shown in it does not take into account promotions. Promotions are calculated when the invoice/order is processed or by clicking the Calculate Promotions button.

Bulbgraph.png   Previous to 3.0MP17, Price Adjustments were calculated on the fly, while editing line, so price actual included all applicable adjustments. This behavior has changed because Promotions and Discounts can be extended to implement much more complex rules that attend not to a single line but to all lines in the invoice, being impossible for those ones to be calculated in advance. Only for the Discounts and Promotions of type Price Adjustment, in order to maintain backwards compatibility, this behavior has been kept (from 3.0MP20), though Discount and Promotions lines are not inserted/updated until the whole document is posted or Calculate Promotions button clicked.

Openbravo manages prices in 3 chunks:

Multiple promotions can be chained in cascade, in this case the one applied in 2nd position will use as base the actual price obtained after applying the first one. An alternative mechanism to apply promotions in WebPOS is implemented by Promotions Best Deal Case module.

How Promotions are defined

The main fields to take into account when defining a promotion are:

Price Adjustment

Price Adjustment is the promotion type included by default in Openbravo 3 distribution, it behaves almost in the same way Price Adjustments did before they were extended to Promotions and Discounts.

As opposed to the rest of Promotions and Discounts, in order to maintain backwards compatibility, prices with adjustments are calculated while the order/invoice line is being edited so final price is shown there even before processing it. Unlike it behaved before 3.0MP17, Promotions and Discounts lines are not created until the document is processed. Because of this different behavior between Price Adjustments and the rest of Discounts and Promotions, it is advisable not to use both of them together, so in case Price Adjustments are defined and applied, do not define other types to be applied to the same products.

To define a promotion of Price Adjustment type, follow the indications in the section above for filtering. In the Definition section these are the fields to be taken into account:

Discounts and Promotions

Defines the Discounts and Promotions main characteristics such as Discount Type, how it is filtered and actual discount information based on type.


Maintains translations of Discounts and Promotions to different languages.


Business Partner Category

Add business partner categories in order to include or exclude them from a selected Promotion/Discount..

Business Partner

Add business partners in order to include or exclude them from a selected Promotion/Discount..

Business Partner Set

Define business partner sets for the discount.


Product Category

Add product categories in order to include or exclude them from a selected Promotion/Discount..


Add products in order to include or exclude them from a selected Promotion/Discount..

Gift Products

Define gift products


Price List

Add price lists in order to include or exclude them from a selected Promotion/Discount.


Add organizations in order to include or exclude them from a selected Promotion/Discount.

Include Characteristics

Add product characteristics in order to include or exclude them from a selected Promotion/Discount..


Exclude Characteristics


External Business Partner

Used to select the external business partners related to the Price Adjustment.


Incompatible discounts




Full list of Discounts and Promotions window fields and their descriptions is available in the Discounts and Promotions Screen Reference.

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