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Document Sequence

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Every document in Openbravo can be numbered and therefore linked to a document sequence.

Openbravo "referece data" including the standard list of document types also include a standard list of document sequence linked to those documents which make sense to number.
"Standard" document sequences are listed in the document sequence window.

It is important to remark that:


Document sequence window allows to define how document sequences are going to behave.


As shown in the image above a document number sequence can be set as "Auto Numbering" which means that the document linked to that sequence
will get a document number automatically generated by the sequence.

It is also possible to define how the "Auto Numbering" type document sequence are going to behave in terms of:

The number logic is applied when saving the document.

Full list of Document Sequence window fields and their descriptions is available in the Document Sequence Screen Reference.

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