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Document Templates Australia


Document Templates Australia

The Document Template module adds a setup process that will create the report templates for all the Australian localised documents.

Go to Application -> Financial Management -> Australia -> Setup -> Create Australian Report Templates

Rt Step1.jpg

When this process is run it will:

  1. Loop through all the defined document types in the system
  2. Determine if there is an Australian template for that document type
  3. If so check if there is already a report template record defined for the Australian document (and skip further processing)
  4. Create an Australian document template (with active = false)
  5. Check if the current active template is set to the default report. If so then make this template inactive and the Australian one active

Process parameters are explained below:

Rt Step2.jpg

Select 'OK' to proceed with creating the template records.

Rt Step3.jpg

Once the process is complete the dialog window will display a list of the updates and new template records depending on the parameters selected.

To view the template record Go to Document Types and search for a document type that was listed in the previous display, such as "Standard Order".

Below images shows that this document type has now set as default an Australian template.

Rt Step4.jpg

Available Versions

Release Date Release Status Module Version Number Openbravo Version Number Forge Link
2016-03-09 Confirmed Stable 1.2.1 3.0PR15Q3 Australia: Document Templates
2015-03-04 Confirmed Stable 1.2.0 3.0PR14Q3 Australia: Document Templates

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