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ERP 2.50:Database consistency test

The Database Consistency Test is a test that should be executed before each commit. This test is also executed before freezing a release in case any developer has made commits without doing this consistency check.

The database consistency means that after creating, compiling and exporting the database, the resultant files should be the same. Additionally, the synchronize terminology process may also make changes to the database.

The database consistency test requires performing the following steps:

$ ant install.source
$ update ad_module set isindevelopment='Y' where ad_module_id='0';
$ psql -d openbravo -U tad -h localhost
$ ant compile.complete
$ ant export.database
$ update ad_module set isindevelopment='N' where ad_module_id='0';

There should be no changes. If there are, file a bug and commit the changes.

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