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ERP 2.50:Ubuntu Package Status



This document shows the known issues and feature requests of the Openbravo ERP Ubuntu package.

For more information and instructions on how to install take a look into this guide.

Issues & Features

Issue Type Description Planned for version Fixed in version Status
Install always deletes the database Defect If you have uninstalled without --purge option the database is maintained but the apt-get install always does an install.source that deletes all the old data. 2 Fixed
Installation hangs in localized Ubuntu's Defect If you have a default language different from English, the post-install script gets hanged, waiting for PostgreSQL to start. 2 Fixed
User openravo exists Defect If user openbravo exists previously to install openbravo-erp package, the global variables (JAVA_HOME,...) are not set. 2 Fixed
Database password New feature The access to database locally should be done without password, and external access to database should not be allowed 2 Done
Add Apache mod_jk connector New feature Our recommended setup for Tomcat in production environments is to put it behind Apache httpd connected through mod_jk. 2 Fixed
Binary distribution New feature Avoid the compilation at install. 2 Done
BigBazaar Sampledata New feature Include the BigBazaar sample data. With a lot of invoices, business partners, products, etc. 2 Done
Package pre-script update New Feature In the package update the opnbravo source files shouldn't be touched. ObrenbravoERP will update by itself. 2 Done
JAVA_HOME issue Defect In some ubuntu instances JAVA_HOME point to jre instead jdk. Don't take into account the defined global variables. 2 Fixed
Ubuntu Software Center New feature Currently openbravo-erp package don't a appear in gnome Ubuntu Software Center application. (The previous name was Add/Remove tool) 2 Done
Use of pg_createcluster New feature Now the PostgreSQL database is created with initdb, but the usual do of doing it in Ubuntu/Debian is by using pg_createcluster. 2 Done
Publish for Karmic New feature Publish new Package in Karmic Partners repository. 2 Done
Publish for Lucid New feature Publish new Package in Lucid Universe (or Partners) repository. 2 Done

Known issues of the Karmic beta package

Database has local changes

Error Message:

Database has local changes. Update.database will not be done.

When: Installing a template (e.g. QuickStart)

Issue: 11712

Description: There is a issue in 2.50MP9 that makes it randomly fail because the database XML files do no match with the real database data. The problem occurs when you import the database with a dump file in PostgreSQL. In this case the database functions are not ordered so there is a chance for the order not to match the one in the XML files.


Make the database data match with the data in the xml files:

1.- Uninstall the template in the web interface.

2.- Execute this in a terminal:

$ su
(enter root pass)
$ su -l openbravo -c "cd /opt/OpenbravoERP-2.50/openbravo-erp && ant update.database -Dforce=yes"

3.- Install again the template in the web interface.

Solution: This is a known issue of 2.50MP9, but the final stable package will have 2.50MP10, so this problem will not happen.

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