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ERP 2.50:User Manual/Autosave


Autosave Configuration


The Autosave enables any change made in a open document to be saved without clicking the Save button. The Autosave is triggered when the user performs an action (e.g. navigates to another window or clicks a button) after modifying a document (e.g. the user has changed the Payment Terms on a Purchase Order).

For example, if you create a new Purchase Order and fill in the required header fields, then click the Create From button, the purchase order header is saved before the pop-up window opens.

Configuring Autosave

You can set up Autosave in Preferences.

Setting the Autosave default

Autosave is enabled by default to change the default setting:

  1. Log in with System Administrator role.
  2. Access General Setup > Application > Preference
  3. Filter by attribute: Autosave
  4. The default Autosave value is Y

The default configuration is to automatically save the records, if you want to disable it, change the Autosave preference to N. Allow to change the Autosave behavior to false, is for backward compatibility reasons. The application will behave like previous releases (2.40 and 2.35).

Autosave behavior per Client

You can override the default behavior defined at System level, by adding the same preference to a specific Client.

Prompt confirmation default

When Autosave is enabled, you can specify if this process should prompt a confirmation window to the user, to avoid unwanted changes.

The confirmation message is similar to this one:


A default preference is defined at System level.

When the ShowConfirmationDefault preference is set to Y, every time the Autosave is triggered a confirmation message is shown to the user.

Prompt confirmation per Client/Window/User

You can override the default behavior defined at System level, by adding the preference ShowConfirmation to any combination of Client, Window, User.

NOTE: The preference is ShowConfirmation not ShowConfirmationDefault

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