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ERP/3.0/Developers Guide/Database Model/org.openbravo.model.materialmgmt.transaction/M Transaction V

ERP/3.0/Developers Guide/Database Model/org.openbravo.model.materialmgmt.transaction




This table contains the following columns:

Name Nullable Data Type Description
AD_Client_ID NVARCHAR2(32)Client for this installation.
AD_Org_ID NVARCHAR2(32)Organizational entity within client
MovementDate NDATEThe date that a certain item is moved from one location to another.
MovementQty NNUMBERThe number of items being moved from one location to another.
M_Product_ID NVARCHAR2(32)An item produced by a process.
M_Locator_ID NVARCHAR2(32)A set of coordinates (x, y, z) which help locate an item in a warehouse.
M_Product_Category_ID NVARCHAR2(32)A classification of items based on similar characteristics or attributes.
Value NNVARCHAR2(40)A fast method for finding a particular record.
C_BPartner_ID NVARCHAR2(32)Anyone who takes part in daily business operations by acting as a customer, employee, etc.
PricePO YNUMBERThe price charged to purchase a specific item.
PriceLastPO YNUMBERThe last price pad for this product, as noted in a completed purchase order.
PriceList YNUMBERThe official net price of a product in a specified currency.



Foreign key column to AD_Client table, (column: AD_Client_ID)



Foreign key column to AD_Org table, (column: AD_Org_ID)


Movement Date

The Movement Date indicates the date that a product moved in or out of inventory. This is the result of a shipment, receipt or inventory movement.


Movement Quantity

The Movement Quantity indicates the quantity of a product that has been moved.



Foreign key column to M_Product table, (column: M_Product_ID)


Storage Bin

Foreign key column to M_Locator table, (column: M_Locator_ID)


Product Category

Foreign key column to M_Product_Category table, (column: M_Product_Category_ID)


Search Key

A search key allows for a fast method of finding a particular record. If you leave the search key empty, the system automatically creates a numeric number originating from a document sequence defined in the "Document Sequence" window. The sequence naming convention follows a rule "DocumentNo_TableName", where TableName is the actual name of the database table (e.g. C_Order).

Usually, company's internal identifiers for various records (products, customers, etc) are stored here.


Business Partner

Foreign key column to C_BPartner table, (column: C_BPartner_ID)


Purchase Order Price

The PO Price indicates the price for a product per the purchase order.


Last Purchase Price

The Last PO Price indicates the last price paid (per the purchase order) for this product.


List Price

The Net List Price is the official price stated by the selected pricelist and the currency of the document.


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