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ERP/3.0/Developers Guide/Reference/Entity Model/ADField

This article is protected against manual editing because it is automatically generated from Openbravo meta-data. Learn more about writing and translating such documents.
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The Field table defines the Fields displayed within a tab. Changes made to the Field Tab become visible after restart due to caching

To the database table (AD_Field) of this entity.



Property Column Constraints Type Description
id* AD_Field_ID Mandatory
Max Length: 32
java.lang.String The Field identifies a field on a database table.
client AD_Client_ID Mandatory
ADClient A Client is a company or a legal entity. You cannot share data between Clients.
organization AD_Org_ID Mandatory
Organization An organization is a unit of your client or legal entity - examples are store, department. You can share data between organizations.
active IsActive Mandatory
java.lang.Boolean There are two methods of making records unavailable in the system: One is to delete the record, the other is to de-activate the record. A de-activated record is not available for selection, but available for reporting. There are two reasons for de-activating and not deleting records:

(1) The system requires the record for auditing purposes. (2) The record is referenced by other records. E.g., you cannot delete a Business Partner, if there are existing invoices for it. By de-activating the Business Partner you prevent it from being used in future transactions.

creationDate Created Mandatory
java.util.Date The Created field indicates the date that this record was created.
createdBy CreatedBy Mandatory
ADUser The Created By field indicates the user who created this record.
updated Updated Mandatory
java.util.Date The Updated field indicates the date that this record was updated.
updatedBy UpdatedBy Mandatory
ADUser The Updated By field indicates the user who updated this record.
name# Name Mandatory
Max Length: 60
java.lang.String A more descriptive identifier (that does need to be unique) of a record/document that is used as a default search option along with the search key (that is unique and mostly shorter). It is up to 60 characters in length.
description Description Max Length: 255
java.lang.String A description is limited to 255 characters.
helpComment Help Max Length: 2000
java.lang.String The Help field contains a hint, comment or help about the use of this item.
centralMaintenance IsCentrallyMaintained Mandatory
java.lang.Boolean The Centrally Maintained checkbox indicates if the Name, Description and Help maintained in 'System Element' table or 'Window' table.
tab# AD_Tab_ID Mandatory
ADTab The Tab indicates a tab that displays within a window.
column AD_Column_ID ADColumn Link to the database column of the table
property Property Max Length: 255
java.lang.String It is the "Configuration Property" this record sets value to.

Configuration Properties are defined by modules with the purpose other modules are capable to assign them values.

ignoreInWad Ignoreinwad Mandatory
fieldGroup AD_FieldGroup_ID ADFieldGroup The Field Group indicates the logical group that this field belongs to (History, Amounts, Quantities)
displayed IsDisplayed Mandatory
java.lang.Boolean If the field is displayed, the field Display Logic will determine at runtime, if it is actually displayed
displayLogic DisplayLogic Max Length: 2000
java.lang.String A specification of statements which, when evaluated as false, cause the field to appear hidden.
displayedLength DisplayLength java.lang.Long Display length is the size that will be appear for the field, it can be different that the actual size of the column (note that if it is bigger than the column the data will be truncated to the column size).
readOnly IsReadOnly Mandatory
java.lang.Boolean The Read Only indicates that this field may only be Read. It may not be updated.
sequenceNumber SeqNo java.lang.Long The Sequence indicates the order of records
recordSortNo SortNo java.lang.Long The Record Sort No indicates the ascending sort sequence of the records
displayOnSameLine IsSameLine Mandatory
java.lang.Boolean An indication that the field will display on the same line as the previous one.
displayFieldOnly IsFieldOnly java.lang.Boolean The Field Only checkbox indicates that the column will display without a label.
displayEncription IsEncrypted Mandatory
java.lang.Boolean This option is deprecated. One of the new references "Password (decryptable)" or "Password (not-decryptable)" should be used instead.
showInGridView ShowInRelation java.lang.Boolean When this field is set as 'Y' the field will be shown in the grid view (as well as in the form view), otherwise it only will be displayed in the form view.
isFirstFocusedField Isfirstfocusedfield java.lang.Boolean

When it is active this field will be focused by default when the tab is opened.

module AD_Module_ID Mandatory
ADModule Indicates the module the element forms part of.
gridPosition Grid_Seqno java.lang.Long Position of the column in grid view. If there are fields shown in grid with this property set, they will be placed at first in grid ordered by this value, after them, the rest of fields ordered by their seqNo value.
startinoddcolumn Startinoddcolumn Mandatory
startnewline Startnewline Mandatory
shownInStatusBar isShownInStatusBar Mandatory
java.lang.Boolean Defines if the field is shown in the status bar.
onChangeFunction Onchangefunction Max Length: 255
java.lang.String This function needs to be the global id of a javascript function which is called on the client whenever the value of the field changes.
clientclass Clientclass Max Length: 255
displaylogicgrid Displaylogicgrid Max Length: 2000
obuiappColspan EM_Obuiapp_Colspan Min: 1
java.lang.Long This value can be used to define, multi-columns fields. So fields occupying more then one column. If this value is not set the normal calculation takes place.
obuiappRowspan EM_Obuiapp_Rowspan Min: 1
java.lang.Long This value can be used to define, multi-row fields. So fields occupying more then one row. If this value is not set the normal calculation takes place.
obuiappValidator EM_Obuiapp_Validator Max Length: 255
java.lang.String By default a field have a set of validation functions, isNumber, isBoolean, etc. The developer can define a custom validator function to check the value entered by a the user.
oBUIAPPShowSummary EM_Obuiapp_Showsummary Mandatory
java.lang.Boolean Defines if the Field should show a summary function at the end of the grid
obuiappSummaryfn EM_Obuiapp_Summaryfn Max Length: 255
java.lang.String Defines the summary function to use, valid values: sum, avg, max, min, count
obuiselOutfield EM_Obuisel_Outfield_ID OBUISEL_Selector_Field The new selector can define a field as 'Out Field'. If a column from a tab is using a selector with an out field it will get listed. A field from the tab can receive the value of an Selector Out Field when the user picks a record in the selector. This fields establishes the connection between a selector out field and a field in the tab.
obuiappDefaultExpression EM_Obuiapp_Default_Expression Max Length: 2000
java.lang.String Defines a JavaScript expression that will be evaluated in the server side and used as default value for the property. You can use any type of variable but it must match the property type, examples:

true - the property associated is a boolean "Hello" - the property associated is a string 5.3 - the property associated is a number

You can also access the Openbravo API through the OB object and do some more complex expressions, e.g.


This will retrieve the session variable SESSIONVAR and use it as default value for the filter of this field.

displayLogicEvaluatedInTheServer Displaylogic_Server Max Length: 2000
java.lang.String A specification of statements which, when evaluated as false in the Server, cause the field to not appear at all in the Window generated.
aDFieldAccessList ADFieldAccess
aDFieldTrlList ADFieldTrl

Java Entity Class

  * The contents of this file are subject to the Openbravo  Public  License
  * Version  1.1  (the  "License"),  being   the  Mozilla   Public  License
  * Version 1.1  with a permitted attribution clause; you may not  use this
  * file except in compliance with the License. You  may  obtain  a copy of
  * the License at
  * Software distributed under the License  is  distributed  on  an "AS IS"
  * basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
  * License for the specific  language  governing  rights  and  limitations
  * under the License.
  * The Original Code is Openbravo ERP.
  * The Initial Developer of the Original Code is Openbravo SLU
  * All portions are Copyright (C) 2008-2019 Openbravo SLU
  * All Rights Reserved.
  * Contributor(s):  ______________________________________.
 import java.util.ArrayList;
 import java.util.Date;
 import java.util.List;
 import org.openbravo.base.structure.ActiveEnabled;
 import org.openbravo.base.structure.BaseOBObject;
 import org.openbravo.base.structure.ClientEnabled;
 import org.openbravo.base.structure.OrganizationEnabled;
 import org.openbravo.base.structure.Traceable;
 import org.openbravo.client.application.GCField;
 import org.openbravo.model.common.enterprise.Organization;
 import org.openbravo.userinterface.selector.SelectorField;
  * Entity class for entity ADField (stored in table AD_Field).
  * NOTE: This class should not be instantiated directly. To instantiate this
  * class the {@link org.openbravo.base.provider.OBProvider} should be used.
 public class Field extends BaseOBObject implements Traceable, ClientEnabled, OrganizationEnabled, ActiveEnabled {
     private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
     public static final String TABLE_NAME = "AD_Field";
     public static final String ENTITY_NAME = "ADField";
     public static final String PROPERTY_ID = "id";
     public static final String PROPERTY_CLIENT = "client";
     public static final String PROPERTY_ORGANIZATION = "organization";
     public static final String PROPERTY_ACTIVE = "active";
     public static final String PROPERTY_CREATIONDATE = "creationDate";
     public static final String PROPERTY_CREATEDBY = "createdBy";
     public static final String PROPERTY_UPDATED = "updated";
     public static final String PROPERTY_UPDATEDBY = "updatedBy";
     public static final String PROPERTY_NAME = "name";
     public static final String PROPERTY_DESCRIPTION = "description";
     public static final String PROPERTY_HELPCOMMENT = "helpComment";
     public static final String PROPERTY_CENTRALMAINTENANCE = "centralMaintenance";
     public static final String PROPERTY_TAB = "tab";
     public static final String PROPERTY_COLUMN = "column";
     public static final String PROPERTY_PROPERTY = "property";
     public static final String PROPERTY_IGNOREINWAD = "ignoreInWad";
     public static final String PROPERTY_FIELDGROUP = "fieldGroup";
     public static final String PROPERTY_DISPLAYED = "displayed";
     public static final String PROPERTY_DISPLAYLOGIC = "displayLogic";
     public static final String PROPERTY_DISPLAYEDLENGTH = "displayedLength";
     public static final String PROPERTY_READONLY = "readOnly";
     public static final String PROPERTY_SEQUENCENUMBER = "sequenceNumber";
     public static final String PROPERTY_RECORDSORTNO = "recordSortNo";
     public static final String PROPERTY_DISPLAYONSAMELINE = "displayOnSameLine";
     public static final String PROPERTY_DISPLAYFIELDONLY = "displayFieldOnly";
     public static final String PROPERTY_DISPLAYENCRIPTION = "displayEncription";
     public static final String PROPERTY_SHOWINGRIDVIEW = "showInGridView";
     public static final String PROPERTY_ISFIRSTFOCUSEDFIELD = "isFirstFocusedField";
     public static final String PROPERTY_MODULE = "module";
     public static final String PROPERTY_GRIDPOSITION = "gridPosition";
     public static final String PROPERTY_STARTINODDCOLUMN = "startinoddcolumn";
     public static final String PROPERTY_STARTNEWLINE = "startnewline";
     public static final String PROPERTY_SHOWNINSTATUSBAR = "shownInStatusBar";
     public static final String PROPERTY_ONCHANGEFUNCTION = "onChangeFunction";
     public static final String PROPERTY_CLIENTCLASS = "clientclass";
     public static final String PROPERTY_DISPLAYLOGICGRID = "displaylogicgrid";
     public static final String PROPERTY_OBUIAPPCOLSPAN = "obuiappColspan";
     public static final String PROPERTY_OBUIAPPROWSPAN = "obuiappRowspan";
     public static final String PROPERTY_OBUIAPPVALIDATOR = "obuiappValidator";
     public static final String PROPERTY_OBUIAPPSHOWSUMMARY = "oBUIAPPShowSummary";
     public static final String PROPERTY_OBUIAPPSUMMARYFN = "obuiappSummaryfn";
     public static final String PROPERTY_OBUISELOUTFIELD = "obuiselOutfield";
     public static final String PROPERTY_OBUIAPPDEFAULTEXPRESSION = "obuiappDefaultExpression";
     public static final String PROPERTY_DISPLAYLOGICEVALUATEDINTHESERVER = "displayLogicEvaluatedInTheServer";
     public static final String PROPERTY_ADFIELDACCESSLIST = "aDFieldAccessList";
     public static final String PROPERTY_ADFIELDTRLLIST = "aDFieldTrlList";
     public static final String PROPERTY_OBUIAPPGCFIELDLIST = "oBUIAPPGCFieldList";
     public Field() {
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_ACTIVE, true);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_CENTRALMAINTENANCE, true);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_IGNOREINWAD, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_DISPLAYED, true);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_DISPLAYEDLENGTH, (long) 0);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_READONLY, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_DISPLAYONSAMELINE, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_DISPLAYFIELDONLY, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_DISPLAYENCRIPTION, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_SHOWINGRIDVIEW, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_ISFIRSTFOCUSEDFIELD, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_STARTINODDCOLUMN, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_STARTNEWLINE, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_SHOWNINSTATUSBAR, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_OBUIAPPSHOWSUMMARY, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_ADFIELDACCESSLIST, new ArrayList<Object>());
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_ADFIELDTRLLIST, new ArrayList<Object>());
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_OBUIAPPGCFIELDLIST, new ArrayList<Object>());
     public String getEntityName() {
         return ENTITY_NAME;
     public String getId() {
         return (String) get(PROPERTY_ID);
     public void setId(String id) {
         set(PROPERTY_ID, id);
     public Client getClient() {
         return (Client) get(PROPERTY_CLIENT);
     public void setClient(Client client) {
         set(PROPERTY_CLIENT, client);
     public Organization getOrganization() {
         return (Organization) get(PROPERTY_ORGANIZATION);
     public void setOrganization(Organization organization) {
         set(PROPERTY_ORGANIZATION, organization);
     public Boolean isActive() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_ACTIVE);
     public void setActive(Boolean active) {
         set(PROPERTY_ACTIVE, active);
     public Date getCreationDate() {
         return (Date) get(PROPERTY_CREATIONDATE);
     public void setCreationDate(Date creationDate) {
         set(PROPERTY_CREATIONDATE, creationDate);
     public User getCreatedBy() {
         return (User) get(PROPERTY_CREATEDBY);
     public void setCreatedBy(User createdBy) {
         set(PROPERTY_CREATEDBY, createdBy);
     public Date getUpdated() {
         return (Date) get(PROPERTY_UPDATED);
     public void setUpdated(Date updated) {
         set(PROPERTY_UPDATED, updated);
     public User getUpdatedBy() {
         return (User) get(PROPERTY_UPDATEDBY);
     public void setUpdatedBy(User updatedBy) {
         set(PROPERTY_UPDATEDBY, updatedBy);
     public String getName() {
         return (String) get(PROPERTY_NAME);
     public void setName(String name) {
         set(PROPERTY_NAME, name);
     public String getDescription() {
         return (String) get(PROPERTY_DESCRIPTION);
     public void setDescription(String description) {
         set(PROPERTY_DESCRIPTION, description);
     public String getHelpComment() {
         return (String) get(PROPERTY_HELPCOMMENT);
     public void setHelpComment(String helpComment) {
         set(PROPERTY_HELPCOMMENT, helpComment);
     public Boolean isCentralMaintenance() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_CENTRALMAINTENANCE);
     public void setCentralMaintenance(Boolean centralMaintenance) {
         set(PROPERTY_CENTRALMAINTENANCE, centralMaintenance);
     public Tab getTab() {
         return (Tab) get(PROPERTY_TAB);
     public void setTab(Tab tab) {
         set(PROPERTY_TAB, tab);
     public Column getColumn() {
         return (Column) get(PROPERTY_COLUMN);
     public void setColumn(Column column) {
         set(PROPERTY_COLUMN, column);
     public String getProperty() {
         return (String) get(PROPERTY_PROPERTY);
     public void setProperty(String property) {
         set(PROPERTY_PROPERTY, property);
     public Boolean isIgnoreInWad() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_IGNOREINWAD);
     public void setIgnoreInWad(Boolean ignoreInWad) {
         set(PROPERTY_IGNOREINWAD, ignoreInWad);
     public FieldGroup getFieldGroup() {
         return (FieldGroup) get(PROPERTY_FIELDGROUP);
     public void setFieldGroup(FieldGroup fieldGroup) {
         set(PROPERTY_FIELDGROUP, fieldGroup);
     public Boolean isDisplayed() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_DISPLAYED);
     public void setDisplayed(Boolean displayed) {
         set(PROPERTY_DISPLAYED, displayed);
     public String getDisplayLogic() {
         return (String) get(PROPERTY_DISPLAYLOGIC);
     public void setDisplayLogic(String displayLogic) {
         set(PROPERTY_DISPLAYLOGIC, displayLogic);
     public Long getDisplayedLength() {
         return (Long) get(PROPERTY_DISPLAYEDLENGTH);
     public void setDisplayedLength(Long displayedLength) {
         set(PROPERTY_DISPLAYEDLENGTH, displayedLength);
     public Boolean isReadOnly() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_READONLY);
     public void setReadOnly(Boolean readOnly) {
         set(PROPERTY_READONLY, readOnly);
     public Long getSequenceNumber() {
         return (Long) get(PROPERTY_SEQUENCENUMBER);
     public void setSequenceNumber(Long sequenceNumber) {
         set(PROPERTY_SEQUENCENUMBER, sequenceNumber);
     public Long getRecordSortNo() {
         return (Long) get(PROPERTY_RECORDSORTNO);
     public void setRecordSortNo(Long recordSortNo) {
         set(PROPERTY_RECORDSORTNO, recordSortNo);
     public Boolean isDisplayOnSameLine() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_DISPLAYONSAMELINE);
     public void setDisplayOnSameLine(Boolean displayOnSameLine) {
         set(PROPERTY_DISPLAYONSAMELINE, displayOnSameLine);
     public Boolean isDisplayFieldOnly() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_DISPLAYFIELDONLY);
     public void setDisplayFieldOnly(Boolean displayFieldOnly) {
         set(PROPERTY_DISPLAYFIELDONLY, displayFieldOnly);
     public Boolean isDisplayEncription() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_DISPLAYENCRIPTION);
     public void setDisplayEncription(Boolean displayEncription) {
         set(PROPERTY_DISPLAYENCRIPTION, displayEncription);
     public Boolean isShowInGridView() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_SHOWINGRIDVIEW);
     public void setShowInGridView(Boolean showInGridView) {
         set(PROPERTY_SHOWINGRIDVIEW, showInGridView);
     public Boolean isFirstFocusedField() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_ISFIRSTFOCUSEDFIELD);
     public void setFirstFocusedField(Boolean isFirstFocusedField) {
         set(PROPERTY_ISFIRSTFOCUSEDFIELD, isFirstFocusedField);
     public Module getModule() {
         return (Module) get(PROPERTY_MODULE);
     public void setModule(Module module) {
         set(PROPERTY_MODULE, module);
     public Long getGridPosition() {
         return (Long) get(PROPERTY_GRIDPOSITION);
     public void setGridPosition(Long gridPosition) {
         set(PROPERTY_GRIDPOSITION, gridPosition);
     public Boolean isStartinoddcolumn() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_STARTINODDCOLUMN);
     public void setStartinoddcolumn(Boolean startinoddcolumn) {
         set(PROPERTY_STARTINODDCOLUMN, startinoddcolumn);
     public Boolean isStartnewline() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_STARTNEWLINE);
     public void setStartnewline(Boolean startnewline) {
         set(PROPERTY_STARTNEWLINE, startnewline);
     public Boolean isShownInStatusBar() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_SHOWNINSTATUSBAR);
     public void setShownInStatusBar(Boolean shownInStatusBar) {
         set(PROPERTY_SHOWNINSTATUSBAR, shownInStatusBar);
     public String getOnChangeFunction() {
         return (String) get(PROPERTY_ONCHANGEFUNCTION);
     public void setOnChangeFunction(String onChangeFunction) {
         set(PROPERTY_ONCHANGEFUNCTION, onChangeFunction);
     public String getClientclass() {
         return (String) get(PROPERTY_CLIENTCLASS);
     public void setClientclass(String clientclass) {
         set(PROPERTY_CLIENTCLASS, clientclass);
     public String getDisplaylogicgrid() {
         return (String) get(PROPERTY_DISPLAYLOGICGRID);
     public void setDisplaylogicgrid(String displaylogicgrid) {
         set(PROPERTY_DISPLAYLOGICGRID, displaylogicgrid);
     public Long getObuiappColspan() {
         return (Long) get(PROPERTY_OBUIAPPCOLSPAN);
     public void setObuiappColspan(Long obuiappColspan) {
         set(PROPERTY_OBUIAPPCOLSPAN, obuiappColspan);
     public Long getObuiappRowspan() {
         return (Long) get(PROPERTY_OBUIAPPROWSPAN);
     public void setObuiappRowspan(Long obuiappRowspan) {
         set(PROPERTY_OBUIAPPROWSPAN, obuiappRowspan);
     public String getObuiappValidator() {
         return (String) get(PROPERTY_OBUIAPPVALIDATOR);
     public void setObuiappValidator(String obuiappValidator) {
         set(PROPERTY_OBUIAPPVALIDATOR, obuiappValidator);
     public Boolean isOBUIAPPShowSummary() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_OBUIAPPSHOWSUMMARY);
     public void setOBUIAPPShowSummary(Boolean oBUIAPPShowSummary) {
     public String getObuiappSummaryfn() {
         return (String) get(PROPERTY_OBUIAPPSUMMARYFN);
     public void setObuiappSummaryfn(String obuiappSummaryfn) {
         set(PROPERTY_OBUIAPPSUMMARYFN, obuiappSummaryfn);
     public SelectorField getObuiselOutfield() {
         return (SelectorField) get(PROPERTY_OBUISELOUTFIELD);
     public void setObuiselOutfield(SelectorField obuiselOutfield) {
         set(PROPERTY_OBUISELOUTFIELD, obuiselOutfield);
     public String getObuiappDefaultExpression() {
     public void setObuiappDefaultExpression(String obuiappDefaultExpression) {
         set(PROPERTY_OBUIAPPDEFAULTEXPRESSION, obuiappDefaultExpression);
     public String getDisplayLogicEvaluatedInTheServer() {
     public void setDisplayLogicEvaluatedInTheServer(String displayLogicEvaluatedInTheServer) {
         set(PROPERTY_DISPLAYLOGICEVALUATEDINTHESERVER, displayLogicEvaluatedInTheServer);
     public List<FieldAccess> getADFieldAccessList() {
       return (List<FieldAccess>) get(PROPERTY_ADFIELDACCESSLIST);
     public void setADFieldAccessList(List<FieldAccess> aDFieldAccessList) {
         set(PROPERTY_ADFIELDACCESSLIST, aDFieldAccessList);
     public List<FieldTrl> getADFieldTrlList() {
       return (List<FieldTrl>) get(PROPERTY_ADFIELDTRLLIST);
     public void setADFieldTrlList(List<FieldTrl> aDFieldTrlList) {
         set(PROPERTY_ADFIELDTRLLIST, aDFieldTrlList);
     public List<GCField> getOBUIAPPGCFieldList() {
       return (List<GCField>) get(PROPERTY_OBUIAPPGCFIELDLIST);
     public void setOBUIAPPGCFieldList(List<GCField> oBUIAPPGCFieldList) {

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