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ERP/3.0/Developers Guide/Reference/Entity Model/DataImportOrder


You should supply the Document Type Name (or ID). The Document Type is on purpose not fully derived as it has too many consequences if it's wrong. The best way is to set the Document Type Name as a Constant in your Import File Format or as an imported fi

To the database table (I_Order) of this entity.

Back to the entity model.



Property Column Constraints Type Description
id* I_Order_ID Mandatory
Max Length: 32
java.lang.String Import Orders
client# AD_Client_ID ADClient A Client is a company or a legal entity. You cannot share data between Clients.
organization AD_Org_ID Organization An organization is a unit of your client or legal entity - examples are store, department. You can share data between organizations.
trxOrganization AD_OrgTrx_ID Organization The organization which performs or initiates this transaction (for another organization). The owning Organization may not be the transaction organization in a service bureau environment, with centralized services, and inter-organization transactions.
active IsActive java.lang.Boolean There are two methods of making records unavailable in the system: One is to delete the record, the other is to de-activate the record. A de-activated record is not available for selection, but available for reporting. There are two reasons for de-activating and not deleting records:

(1) The system requires the record for auditing purposes. (2) The record is referenced by other records. E.g., you cannot delete a Business Partner, if there are existing invoices for it. By de-activating the Business Partner you prevent it from being used in future transactions.

creationDate Created java.util.Date The Created field indicates the date that this record was created.
createdBy CreatedBy ADUser The Created By field indicates the user who created this record.
updated Updated java.util.Date The Updated field indicates the date that this record was updated.
updatedBy UpdatedBy ADUser The Updated By field indicates the user who updated this record.
importProcessComplete I_IsImported java.lang.Boolean The Imported check box indicates if this import has been processed.
importErrorMessage I_ErrorMsg Max Length: 2000 java.lang.String The Import Error Message displays any error messages generated during the import process.
processNow Processing java.lang.Boolean When this field is set as 'Y' a process is being performed on this record.
processed Processed java.lang.Boolean The Processed checkbox indicates that a document has been processed.
salesRepresentative SalesRep_ID ADUser Indicates the sales representative responsible for the transaction that the document specifies . A valid sales representative is a business partner marked as an employee and a sales representative.
warehouse M_Warehouse_ID Warehouse The Warehouse identifies a unique Warehouse where products are stored or Services are provided.
priceList M_PriceList_ID PricingPriceList

Price Lists are used to determine the pricing, margin and cost of items purchased or sold.

currency C_Currency_ID Currency Indicates the currency to be used when processing this document.
shippingCompany M_Shipper_ID ShippingShippingCompany The Shipper is any entity which will provide shipping to or shipping from an Organization.
salesTransaction IsSOTrx java.lang.Boolean The Sales Transaction checkbox indicates if this item is a Sales Transaction.
businessPartner C_BPartner_ID BusinessPartner A Business Partner is anyone with whom you transact. This can include a customer, vendor, employee or any combination of these.
businessPartnerSearchKey BPartnerValue Max Length: 40 java.lang.String An abbreviated name (or a code) to help find a business partner. Usually, a company's internal identifier is entered here.
name Name Max Length: 60 java.lang.String A more descriptive identifier (that does need to be unique) of a record/document that is used as a default search option along with the search key (that is unique and mostly shorter). It is up to 60 characters in length.
partnerAddress C_BPartner_Location_ID BusinessPartnerLocation The Partner address indicates the location of a Business Partner
invoiceAddress BillTo_ID BusinessPartnerLocation An indication of the address to use in the invoice.
locationAddress C_Location_ID Location The Location / Address field defines the location of an entity.
addressLine1 Address1 Max Length: 60 java.lang.String The Address 1 identifies the address for an entity's location
addressLine2 Address2 Max Length: 60 java.lang.String The Address 2 provides additional address information for an entity. It can be used for building location, apartment number or similar information.
postalCode Postal Max Length: 10 java.lang.String The Postal Code field identifies the postal code for this entity's address.
cityName City Max Length: 60 java.lang.String The City identifies a unique City for this Country or Region.
region C_Region_ID Region The Region identifies a unique Region for this Country.
regionName RegionName Max Length: 60 java.lang.String The Region Name defines the name that will print when this region is used in a document.
country C_Country_ID Country The Country defines a Country. Each Country must be defined before it can be used in any document.
iSOCountryCode CountryCode Max Length: 2 java.lang.String For details - or -
userContact AD_User_ID ADUser The User identifies a unique user in the system. This could be an internal user or a business partner contact
contactName ContactName Max Length: 60 java.lang.String Business Partner Contact Name
email Email Max Length: 60 java.lang.String The Email Address is the Electronic Mail ID for this User and should be fully qualified (e.g.
phone Phone Max Length: 40 java.lang.String The Phone field identifies a telephone number
project C_Project_ID Project Identifier of a project defined within the Project & Service Management module.
activity C_Activity_ID MaterialMgmtABCActivity Activities indicate tasks that are performed and used to utilize Activity based Costing
documentType C_DocType_ID DocumentType The Document Type determines document sequence and processing rules
documentTypeName DocTypeName Max Length: 60 java.lang.String A value defining what sequence and process setup are used to handle this document.
paymentTerms C_PaymentTerm_ID FinancialMgmtPaymentTerm Payment Terms identify the method and timing of payment for this transaction.
paymentTermKey PaymentTermValue Max Length: 40 java.lang.String Key of the Payment Term
salesOrder C_Order_ID Order Unique identifier and a reference to a Sales Order originating from the document sequence defined for this document type.
documentNo DocumentNo Max Length: 30 java.lang.String The document number is usually automatically generated by the system and determined by the document type of the document. If the document is not saved, the preliminary number is displayed in "<>". If the document type of your document has no automatic document sequence defined, the field will be empty when creating a new document. This is for documents which usually have an external number (like vendor invoice). If you leave the field empty, the system will generate a document number for you. The document sequence used for this fallback number is defined in the "Document Sequence" window with the name "DocumentNo_<TableName>", where TableName is the actual name of the table inside the database (e.g. C_Order).
description Description Max Length: 255 java.lang.String A description is limited to 255 characters.
product M_Product_ID Product Identifies an item which is either purchased or sold in this organization.
productSearchKey ProductValue Max Length: 40 java.lang.String A fast method for finding an item.
uPCEAN UPC Max Length: 30 java.lang.String Use this field to enter the bar code for the product in any of the bar code symbologies (Codabar, Code 25, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, UPC (A), UPC (E), EAN-13, EAN-8, ITF, ITF-14, ISBN, ISSN, JAN-13, JAN-8, POSTNET and FIM, MSI/Plessey, and Pharmacode)
sKU SKU Max Length: 30 java.lang.String The SKU indicates a user defined stock keeping unit. It may be used for an additional bar code symbols or your own schema.
tax C_Tax_ID FinancialMgmtTaxRate The Tax indicates the type of tax for this document line.
taxSearchKey TaxIndicator Max Length: 5 java.lang.String The Tax Indicator identifies the short name that will print on documents referencing this tax.
taxAmount TaxAmt java.math.BigDecimal The Tax Amount displays the total tax amount for a document.
salesOrderLine C_OrderLine_ID OrderLine A unique identifier and a reference to a sales order line (product).
lineDescription LineDescription Max Length: 255 java.lang.String An additional detail regarding one item or charge.
uOM C_UOM_ID UOM The UOM defines a unique non monetary unit of measure
orderedQuantity QtyOrdered java.math.BigDecimal The Ordered Quantity indicates the quantity of a product that was ordered.
attributeSetValue M_AttributeSetInstance_ID AttributeSetInstance The values of the actual Product Attributes
unitPrice PriceActual java.math.BigDecimal The actual price indicates the price for a product in source currency.
salesCampaign C_Campaign_ID MarketingCampaign The Campaign defines a unique marketing program. Projects can be associated with a pre defined Marketing Campaign. You can then report based on a specific Campaign.
billToUPC Billto_Upc Max Length: 30 java.lang.String
businessPartnerUPC Bpartnerupc Max Length: 30 java.lang.String
uPCAddress C_Bpartner_Location_Upc Max Length: 30 java.lang.String
orderDate DateOrdered java.util.Date Indicates the Date an item was ordered.
scheduledDeliveryDate DatePromised java.util.Date Scheduled Delivery Date indicates the date, if any, that an order was promised by.
orderReferenceNo Order_Referenceno Max Length: 40 java.lang.String
paymentamount1 Paymentamount1 java.math.BigDecimal
paymentamount2 Paymentamount2 java.math.BigDecimal
paymentrule1 Paymentrule1 Max Length: 60 java.lang.String
paymentrule2 Paymentrule2 Max Length: 60 java.lang.String
performPost Perform_Post java.lang.Boolean
vendorUPC Vendor_Upc Max Length: 30 java.lang.String
attributesetident Attributesetident Max Length: 100 java.lang.String

Java Entity Class

 * The contents of this file are subject to the Openbravo  Public  License
 * Version  1.1  (the  "License"),  being   the  Mozilla   Public  License
 * Version 1.1  with a permitted attribution clause; you may not  use this
 * file except in compliance with the License. You  may  obtain  a copy of
 * the License at
 * Software distributed under the License  is  distributed  on  an "AS IS"
 * basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
 * License for the specific  language  governing  rights  and  limitations
 * under the License.
 * The Original Code is Openbravo ERP.
 * The Initial Developer of the Original Code is Openbravo SLU
 * All portions are Copyright (C) 2008-2010 Openbravo SLU
 * All Rights Reserved.
 * Contributor(s):  ______________________________________.
package org.openbravo.model.dataimport;
import org.openbravo.base.structure.ActiveEnabled;
import org.openbravo.base.structure.BaseOBObject;
import org.openbravo.base.structure.ClientEnabled;
import org.openbravo.base.structure.OrganizationEnabled;
import org.openbravo.base.structure.Traceable;
import org.openbravo.model.common.businesspartner.BusinessPartner;
import org.openbravo.model.common.businesspartner.Location;
import org.openbravo.model.common.currency.Currency;
import org.openbravo.model.common.enterprise.DocumentType;
import org.openbravo.model.common.enterprise.Organization;
import org.openbravo.model.common.enterprise.Warehouse;
import org.openbravo.model.common.geography.Country;
import org.openbravo.model.common.geography.Region;
import org.openbravo.model.common.order.OrderLine;
import org.openbravo.model.common.plm.AttributeSetInstance;
import org.openbravo.model.common.plm.Product;
import org.openbravo.model.financialmgmt.payment.PaymentTerm;
import org.openbravo.model.materialmgmt.cost.ABCActivity;
import org.openbravo.model.pricing.pricelist.PriceList;
import org.openbravo.model.project.Project;
import org.openbravo.model.shipping.ShippingCompany;
import java.lang.Boolean;
import java.lang.String;
import java.math.BigDecimal;
import java.util.Date;
 * Entity class for entity DataImportOrder (stored in table I_Order).
 * NOTE: This class should not be instantiated directly. To instantiate this
 * class the {@link org.openbravo.base.provider.OBProvider} should be used.
public class Order extends BaseOBObject implements Traceable, ClientEnabled,
    OrganizationEnabled, ActiveEnabled {
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
    public static final String TABLE_NAME = "I_Order";
    public static final String DataImportOrder = "DataImportOrder";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ID = "id";
    public static final String PROPERTY_CLIENT = "client";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ORGANIZATION = "organization";
    public static final String PROPERTY_TRXORGANIZATION = "trxOrganization";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ACTIVE = "active";
    public static final String PROPERTY_CREATIONDATE = "creationDate";
    public static final String PROPERTY_CREATEDBY = "createdBy";
    public static final String PROPERTY_UPDATED = "updated";
    public static final String PROPERTY_UPDATEDBY = "updatedBy";
    public static final String PROPERTY_IMPORTPROCESSCOMPLETE =
    public static final String PROPERTY_IMPORTERRORMESSAGE =
    public static final String PROPERTY_PROCESSNOW = "processNow";
    public static final String PROPERTY_PROCESSED = "processed";
    public static final String PROPERTY_SALESREPRESENTATIVE =
    public static final String PROPERTY_WAREHOUSE = "warehouse";
    public static final String PROPERTY_PRICELIST = "priceList";
    public static final String PROPERTY_CURRENCY = "currency";
    public static final String PROPERTY_SHIPPINGCOMPANY = "shippingCompany";
    public static final String PROPERTY_SALESTRANSACTION = "salesTransaction";
    public static final String PROPERTY_BUSINESSPARTNER = "businessPartner";
    public static final String PROPERTY_BUSINESSPARTNERSEARCHKEY =
    public static final String PROPERTY_NAME = "name";
    public static final String PROPERTY_PARTNERADDRESS = "partnerAddress";
    public static final String PROPERTY_INVOICEADDRESS = "invoiceAddress";
    public static final String PROPERTY_LOCATIONADDRESS = "locationAddress";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ADDRESSLINE1 = "addressLine1";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ADDRESSLINE2 = "addressLine2";
    public static final String PROPERTY_POSTALCODE = "postalCode";
    public static final String PROPERTY_CITYNAME = "cityName";
    public static final String PROPERTY_REGION = "region";
    public static final String PROPERTY_REGIONNAME = "regionName";
    public static final String PROPERTY_COUNTRY = "country";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ISOCOUNTRYCODE = "iSOCountryCode";
    public static final String PROPERTY_USERCONTACT = "userContact";
    public static final String PROPERTY_CONTACTNAME = "contactName";
    public static final String PROPERTY_EMAIL = "email";
    public static final String PROPERTY_PHONE = "phone";
    public static final String PROPERTY_PROJECT = "project";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ACTIVITY = "activity";
    public static final String PROPERTY_DOCUMENTTYPE = "documentType";
    public static final String PROPERTY_DOCUMENTTYPENAME = "documentTypeName";
    public static final String PROPERTY_PAYMENTTERMS = "paymentTerms";
    public static final String PROPERTY_PAYMENTTERMKEY = "paymentTermKey";
    public static final String PROPERTY_SALESORDER = "salesOrder";
    public static final String PROPERTY_DOCUMENTNO = "documentNo";
    public static final String PROPERTY_DESCRIPTION = "description";
    public static final String PROPERTY_PRODUCT = "product";
    public static final String PROPERTY_PRODUCTSEARCHKEY = "productSearchKey";
    public static final String PROPERTY_UPCEAN = "uPCEAN";
    public static final String PROPERTY_SKU = "sKU";
    public static final String PROPERTY_TAX = "tax";
    public static final String PROPERTY_TAXSEARCHKEY = "taxSearchKey";
    public static final String PROPERTY_TAXAMOUNT = "taxAmount";
    public static final String PROPERTY_SALESORDERLINE = "salesOrderLine";
    public static final String PROPERTY_LINEDESCRIPTION = "lineDescription";
    public static final String PROPERTY_UOM = "uOM";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ORDEREDQUANTITY = "orderedQuantity";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ATTRIBUTESETVALUE = "attributeSetValue";
    public static final String PROPERTY_UNITPRICE = "unitPrice";
    public static final String PROPERTY_SALESCAMPAIGN = "salesCampaign";
    public static final String PROPERTY_BILLTOUPC = "billToUPC";
    public static final String PROPERTY_BUSINESSPARTNERUPC =
    public static final String PROPERTY_UPCADDRESS = "uPCAddress";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ORDERDATE = "orderDate";
    public static final String PROPERTY_SCHEDULEDDELIVERYDATE =
    public static final String PROPERTY_ORDERREFERENCENO = "orderReferenceNo";
    public static final String PROPERTY_PAYMENTAMOUNT1 = "paymentamount1";
    public static final String PROPERTY_PAYMENTAMOUNT2 = "paymentamount2";
    public static final String PROPERTY_PAYMENTRULE1 = "paymentrule1";
    public static final String PROPERTY_PAYMENTRULE2 = "paymentrule2";
    public static final String PROPERTY_PERFORMPOST = "performPost";
    public static final String PROPERTY_VENDORUPC = "vendorUPC";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ATTRIBUTESETIDENT = "attributesetident";
    public Order() {
        setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_ACTIVE, true);
        setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_IMPORTPROCESSCOMPLETE, false);
        setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_PROCESSNOW, false);
        setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_PROCESSED, false);
        setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_SALESTRANSACTION, false);
        setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_PAYMENTAMOUNT1, new BigDecimal(0));
        setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_PAYMENTAMOUNT2, new BigDecimal(0));
        setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_PERFORMPOST, false);
    public String getEntityName() {
        return DataImportOrder;
    public String getId() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_ID);
    public void setId(String id) {
        set(PROPERTY_ID, id);
    public Client getClient() {
        return (Client) get(PROPERTY_CLIENT);
    public void setClient(Client client) {
        set(PROPERTY_CLIENT, client);
    public Organization getOrganization() {
        return (Organization) get(PROPERTY_ORGANIZATION);
    public void setOrganization(Organization organization) {
        set(PROPERTY_ORGANIZATION, organization);
    public Organization getTrxOrganization() {
        return (Organization) get(PROPERTY_TRXORGANIZATION);
    public void setTrxOrganization(Organization trxOrganization) {
        set(PROPERTY_TRXORGANIZATION, trxOrganization);
    public Boolean isActive() {
        return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_ACTIVE);
    public void setActive(Boolean active) {
        set(PROPERTY_ACTIVE, active);
    public Date getCreationDate() {
        return (Date) get(PROPERTY_CREATIONDATE);
    public void setCreationDate(Date creationDate) {
        set(PROPERTY_CREATIONDATE, creationDate);
    public User getCreatedBy() {
        return (User) get(PROPERTY_CREATEDBY);
    public void setCreatedBy(User createdBy) {
        set(PROPERTY_CREATEDBY, createdBy);
    public Date getUpdated() {
        return (Date) get(PROPERTY_UPDATED);
    public void setUpdated(Date updated) {
        set(PROPERTY_UPDATED, updated);
    public User getUpdatedBy() {
        return (User) get(PROPERTY_UPDATEDBY);
    public void setUpdatedBy(User updatedBy) {
        set(PROPERTY_UPDATEDBY, updatedBy);
    public Boolean isImportProcessComplete() {
        return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_IMPORTPROCESSCOMPLETE);
    public void setImportProcessComplete(Boolean importProcessComplete) {
        set(PROPERTY_IMPORTPROCESSCOMPLETE, importProcessComplete);
    public String getImportErrorMessage() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_IMPORTERRORMESSAGE);
    public void setImportErrorMessage(String importErrorMessage) {
        set(PROPERTY_IMPORTERRORMESSAGE, importErrorMessage);
    public Boolean isProcessNow() {
        return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_PROCESSNOW);
    public void setProcessNow(Boolean processNow) {
        set(PROPERTY_PROCESSNOW, processNow);
    public Boolean isProcessed() {
        return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_PROCESSED);
    public void setProcessed(Boolean processed) {
        set(PROPERTY_PROCESSED, processed);
    public User getSalesRepresentative() {
        return (User) get(PROPERTY_SALESREPRESENTATIVE);
    public void setSalesRepresentative(User salesRepresentative) {
        set(PROPERTY_SALESREPRESENTATIVE, salesRepresentative);
    public Warehouse getWarehouse() {
        return (Warehouse) get(PROPERTY_WAREHOUSE);
    public void setWarehouse(Warehouse warehouse) {
        set(PROPERTY_WAREHOUSE, warehouse);
    public PriceList getPriceList() {
        return (PriceList) get(PROPERTY_PRICELIST);
    public void setPriceList(PriceList priceList) {
        set(PROPERTY_PRICELIST, priceList);
    public Currency getCurrency() {
        return (Currency) get(PROPERTY_CURRENCY);
    public void setCurrency(Currency currency) {
        set(PROPERTY_CURRENCY, currency);
    public ShippingCompany getShippingCompany() {
        return (ShippingCompany) get(PROPERTY_SHIPPINGCOMPANY);
    public void setShippingCompany(ShippingCompany shippingCompany) {
        set(PROPERTY_SHIPPINGCOMPANY, shippingCompany);
    public Boolean isSalesTransaction() {
        return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_SALESTRANSACTION);
    public void setSalesTransaction(Boolean salesTransaction) {
        set(PROPERTY_SALESTRANSACTION, salesTransaction);
    public BusinessPartner getBusinessPartner() {
        return (BusinessPartner) get(PROPERTY_BUSINESSPARTNER);
    public void setBusinessPartner(BusinessPartner businessPartner) {
        set(PROPERTY_BUSINESSPARTNER, businessPartner);
    public String getBusinessPartnerSearchKey() {
    public void setBusinessPartnerSearchKey(String businessPartnerSearchKey) {
        set(PROPERTY_BUSINESSPARTNERSEARCHKEY, businessPartnerSearchKey);
    public String getName() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_NAME);
    public void setName(String name) {
        set(PROPERTY_NAME, name);
    public Location getPartnerAddress() {
        return (Location) get(PROPERTY_PARTNERADDRESS);
    public void setPartnerAddress(Location partnerAddress) {
        set(PROPERTY_PARTNERADDRESS, partnerAddress);
    public Location getInvoiceAddress() {
        return (Location) get(PROPERTY_INVOICEADDRESS);
    public void setInvoiceAddress(Location invoiceAddress) {
        set(PROPERTY_INVOICEADDRESS, invoiceAddress);
    public org.openbravo.model.common.geography.Location getLocationAddress() {
        return (org.openbravo.model.common.geography.Location) get(PROPERTY_LOCATIONADDRESS);
    public void setLocationAddress(
        org.openbravo.model.common.geography.Location locationAddress) {
        set(PROPERTY_LOCATIONADDRESS, locationAddress);
    public String getAddressLine1() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_ADDRESSLINE1);
    public void setAddressLine1(String addressLine1) {
        set(PROPERTY_ADDRESSLINE1, addressLine1);
    public String getAddressLine2() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_ADDRESSLINE2);
    public void setAddressLine2(String addressLine2) {
        set(PROPERTY_ADDRESSLINE2, addressLine2);
    public String getPostalCode() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_POSTALCODE);
    public void setPostalCode(String postalCode) {
        set(PROPERTY_POSTALCODE, postalCode);
    public String getCityName() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_CITYNAME);
    public void setCityName(String cityName) {
        set(PROPERTY_CITYNAME, cityName);
    public Region getRegion() {
        return (Region) get(PROPERTY_REGION);
    public void setRegion(Region region) {
        set(PROPERTY_REGION, region);
    public String getRegionName() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_REGIONNAME);
    public void setRegionName(String regionName) {
        set(PROPERTY_REGIONNAME, regionName);
    public Country getCountry() {
        return (Country) get(PROPERTY_COUNTRY);
    public void setCountry(Country country) {
        set(PROPERTY_COUNTRY, country);
    public String getISOCountryCode() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_ISOCOUNTRYCODE);
    public void setISOCountryCode(String iSOCountryCode) {
        set(PROPERTY_ISOCOUNTRYCODE, iSOCountryCode);
    public User getUserContact() {
        return (User) get(PROPERTY_USERCONTACT);
    public void setUserContact(User userContact) {
        set(PROPERTY_USERCONTACT, userContact);
    public String getContactName() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_CONTACTNAME);
    public void setContactName(String contactName) {
        set(PROPERTY_CONTACTNAME, contactName);
    public String getEmail() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_EMAIL);
    public void setEmail(String email) {
        set(PROPERTY_EMAIL, email);
    public String getPhone() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_PHONE);
    public void setPhone(String phone) {
        set(PROPERTY_PHONE, phone);
    public Project getProject() {
        return (Project) get(PROPERTY_PROJECT);
    public void setProject(Project project) {
        set(PROPERTY_PROJECT, project);
    public ABCActivity getActivity() {
        return (ABCActivity) get(PROPERTY_ACTIVITY);
    public void setActivity(ABCActivity activity) {
        set(PROPERTY_ACTIVITY, activity);
    public DocumentType getDocumentType() {
        return (DocumentType) get(PROPERTY_DOCUMENTTYPE);
    public void setDocumentType(DocumentType documentType) {
        set(PROPERTY_DOCUMENTTYPE, documentType);
    public String getDocumentTypeName() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_DOCUMENTTYPENAME);
    public void setDocumentTypeName(String documentTypeName) {
        set(PROPERTY_DOCUMENTTYPENAME, documentTypeName);
    public PaymentTerm getPaymentTerms() {
        return (PaymentTerm) get(PROPERTY_PAYMENTTERMS);
    public void setPaymentTerms(PaymentTerm paymentTerms) {
        set(PROPERTY_PAYMENTTERMS, paymentTerms);
    public String getPaymentTermKey() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_PAYMENTTERMKEY);
    public void setPaymentTermKey(String paymentTermKey) {
        set(PROPERTY_PAYMENTTERMKEY, paymentTermKey);
    public org.openbravo.model.common.order.Order getSalesOrder() {
        return (org.openbravo.model.common.order.Order) get(PROPERTY_SALESORDER);
    public void setSalesOrder(org.openbravo.model.common.order.Order salesOrder) {
        set(PROPERTY_SALESORDER, salesOrder);
    public String getDocumentNo() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_DOCUMENTNO);
    public void setDocumentNo(String documentNo) {
        set(PROPERTY_DOCUMENTNO, documentNo);
    public String getDescription() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_DESCRIPTION);
    public void setDescription(String description) {
        set(PROPERTY_DESCRIPTION, description);
    public Product getProduct() {
        return (Product) get(PROPERTY_PRODUCT);
    public void setProduct(Product product) {
        set(PROPERTY_PRODUCT, product);
    public String getProductSearchKey() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_PRODUCTSEARCHKEY);
    public void setProductSearchKey(String productSearchKey) {
        set(PROPERTY_PRODUCTSEARCHKEY, productSearchKey);
    public String getUPCEAN() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_UPCEAN);
    public void setUPCEAN(String uPCEAN) {
    public String getSKU() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_SKU);
    public void setSKU(String sKU) {
        set(PROPERTY_SKU, sKU);
    public TaxRate getTax() {
        return (TaxRate) get(PROPERTY_TAX);
    public void setTax(TaxRate tax) {
        set(PROPERTY_TAX, tax);
    public String getTaxSearchKey() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_TAXSEARCHKEY);
    public void setTaxSearchKey(String taxSearchKey) {
        set(PROPERTY_TAXSEARCHKEY, taxSearchKey);
    public BigDecimal getTaxAmount() {
        return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_TAXAMOUNT);
    public void setTaxAmount(BigDecimal taxAmount) {
        set(PROPERTY_TAXAMOUNT, taxAmount);
    public OrderLine getSalesOrderLine() {
        return (OrderLine) get(PROPERTY_SALESORDERLINE);
    public void setSalesOrderLine(OrderLine salesOrderLine) {
        set(PROPERTY_SALESORDERLINE, salesOrderLine);
    public String getLineDescription() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_LINEDESCRIPTION);
    public void setLineDescription(String lineDescription) {
        set(PROPERTY_LINEDESCRIPTION, lineDescription);
    public org.openbravo.model.common.uom.UOM getUOM() {
        return (org.openbravo.model.common.uom.UOM) get(PROPERTY_UOM);
    public void setUOM(org.openbravo.model.common.uom.UOM uOM) {
        set(PROPERTY_UOM, uOM);
    public BigDecimal getOrderedQuantity() {
        return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_ORDEREDQUANTITY);
    public void setOrderedQuantity(BigDecimal orderedQuantity) {
        set(PROPERTY_ORDEREDQUANTITY, orderedQuantity);
    public AttributeSetInstance getAttributeSetValue() {
        return (AttributeSetInstance) get(PROPERTY_ATTRIBUTESETVALUE);
    public void setAttributeSetValue(AttributeSetInstance attributeSetValue) {
        set(PROPERTY_ATTRIBUTESETVALUE, attributeSetValue);
    public BigDecimal getUnitPrice() {
        return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_UNITPRICE);
    public void setUnitPrice(BigDecimal unitPrice) {
        set(PROPERTY_UNITPRICE, unitPrice);
    public Campaign getSalesCampaign() {
        return (Campaign) get(PROPERTY_SALESCAMPAIGN);
    public void setSalesCampaign(Campaign salesCampaign) {
        set(PROPERTY_SALESCAMPAIGN, salesCampaign);
    public String getBillToUPC() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_BILLTOUPC);
    public void setBillToUPC(String billToUPC) {
        set(PROPERTY_BILLTOUPC, billToUPC);
    public String getBusinessPartnerUPC() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_BUSINESSPARTNERUPC);
    public void setBusinessPartnerUPC(String businessPartnerUPC) {
        set(PROPERTY_BUSINESSPARTNERUPC, businessPartnerUPC);
    public String getUPCAddress() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_UPCADDRESS);
    public void setUPCAddress(String uPCAddress) {
        set(PROPERTY_UPCADDRESS, uPCAddress);
    public Date getOrderDate() {
        return (Date) get(PROPERTY_ORDERDATE);
    public void setOrderDate(Date orderDate) {
        set(PROPERTY_ORDERDATE, orderDate);
    public Date getScheduledDeliveryDate() {
    public void setScheduledDeliveryDate(Date scheduledDeliveryDate) {
        set(PROPERTY_SCHEDULEDDELIVERYDATE, scheduledDeliveryDate);
    public String getOrderReferenceNo() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_ORDERREFERENCENO);
    public void setOrderReferenceNo(String orderReferenceNo) {
        set(PROPERTY_ORDERREFERENCENO, orderReferenceNo);
    public BigDecimal getPaymentamount1() {
        return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_PAYMENTAMOUNT1);
    public void setPaymentamount1(BigDecimal paymentamount1) {
        set(PROPERTY_PAYMENTAMOUNT1, paymentamount1);
    public BigDecimal getPaymentamount2() {
        return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_PAYMENTAMOUNT2);
    public void setPaymentamount2(BigDecimal paymentamount2) {
        set(PROPERTY_PAYMENTAMOUNT2, paymentamount2);
    public String getPaymentrule1() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_PAYMENTRULE1);
    public void setPaymentrule1(String paymentrule1) {
        set(PROPERTY_PAYMENTRULE1, paymentrule1);
    public String getPaymentrule2() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_PAYMENTRULE2);
    public void setPaymentrule2(String paymentrule2) {
        set(PROPERTY_PAYMENTRULE2, paymentrule2);
    public Boolean isPerformPost() {
        return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_PERFORMPOST);
    public void setPerformPost(Boolean performPost) {
        set(PROPERTY_PERFORMPOST, performPost);
    public String getVendorUPC() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_VENDORUPC);
    public void setVendorUPC(String vendorUPC) {
        set(PROPERTY_VENDORUPC, vendorUPC);
    public String getAttributesetident() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_ATTRIBUTESETIDENT);
    public void setAttributesetident(String attributesetident) {
        set(PROPERTY_ATTRIBUTESETIDENT, attributesetident);

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