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ERP/3.0/Developers Guide/Reference/Entity Model/InvoiceLine

This article is protected against manual editing because it is automatically generated from Openbravo meta-data. Learn more about writing and translating such documents.
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Contains the individual items or charges on an Invoice

To the database table (C_InvoiceLine) of this entity.



Property Column Constraints Type Description
id* C_InvoiceLine_ID Mandatory
Max Length: 32
java.lang.String The Invoice Line uniquely identifies a single line of an Invoice.
client AD_Client_ID Mandatory
ADClient A Client is a company or a legal entity. You cannot share data between Clients.
organization AD_Org_ID Mandatory
Organization An organization is a unit of your client or legal entity - examples are store, department. You can share data between organizations.
active IsActive Mandatory
java.lang.Boolean There are two methods of making records unavailable in the system: One is to delete the record, the other is to de-activate the record. A de-activated record is not available for selection, but available for reporting. There are two reasons for de-activating and not deleting records:

(1) The system requires the record for auditing purposes. (2) The record is referenced by other records. E.g., you cannot delete a Business Partner, if there are existing invoices for it. By de-activating the Business Partner you prevent it from being used in future transactions.

creationDate Created Mandatory
java.util.Date The Created field indicates the date that this record was created.
createdBy CreatedBy Mandatory
ADUser The Created By field indicates the user who created this record.
updated Updated Mandatory
java.util.Date The Updated field indicates the date that this record was updated.
updatedBy UpdatedBy Mandatory
ADUser The Updated By field indicates the user who updated this record.
invoice# C_Invoice_ID Mandatory
Invoice The Invoice ID uniquely identifies an Invoice Document.
salesOrderLine C_OrderLine_ID OrderLine A unique identifier and a reference to a sales order line (product).
goodsShipmentLine M_InOutLine_ID MaterialMgmtShipmentInOutLine The Goods Shipment Line indicates a unique line in a Shipment document
lineNo# Line Mandatory
java.lang.Long Indicates the unique line for a document. It will also control the display order of the lines within a document.
description Description Max Length: 2000
java.lang.String A description is limited to 255 characters.
financialInvoiceLine Financial_Invoice_Line Mandatory
java.lang.Boolean This flag will decide whether we are going to book the invoice line on directly general ledger or not.
account Account_ID FinancialMgmtGLItem The (natural) account used
product M_Product_ID Product Identifies an item which is either purchased or sold in this organization.
invoicedQuantity QtyInvoiced Mandatory
java.math.BigDecimal The Invoiced Quantity indicates the quantity of a product that have been invoiced.
listPrice PriceList Mandatory
java.math.BigDecimal The Net List Price is the official price stated by the selected pricelist and the currency of the document.
unitPrice PriceActual Mandatory
java.math.BigDecimal The actual price indicates the price for a product in source currency.
priceLimit PriceLimit Mandatory
java.math.BigDecimal The Net Price Limit indicates the lowest price for a product stated in the Price List Currency.
lineNetAmount# LineNetAmt Mandatory
java.math.BigDecimal Indicates the line net amount based on the quantity and the actual price. Any additional charges or freight are not included.
charge C_Charge_ID FinancialMgmtGLCharge The Charge indicates a type of Charge (Handling, Shipping, Restocking)
chargeAmount ChargeAmt java.math.BigDecimal The Charge Amount indicates the amount for an additional charge.
uOM C_UOM_ID UOM The UOM defines a unique non monetary unit of measure
tax C_Tax_ID FinancialMgmtTaxRate The Tax indicates the type of tax for this document line.
resourceAssignment S_ResourceAssignment_ID ResourceAssignment The ID identifies a unique record
taxAmount TaxAmt java.math.BigDecimal The Tax Amount displays the total tax amount for a document.
attributeSetValue M_AttributeSetInstance_ID AttributeSetInstance The values of the actual Product Attributes
descriptionOnly IsDescription Mandatory
java.lang.Boolean If a line is Description Only, e.g. Product Inventory is not corrected. No accounting transactions are created and the amount or totals are not included in the document. This for including descriptional detail lines, e.g. for an Work Order.
orderQuantity QuantityOrder java.math.BigDecimal

Product quantity in the order uom.

orderUOM M_Product_Uom_Id ProductUOM Alternative order UOM for the product.
invoiceDiscount C_Invoice_Discount_ID InvoiceDiscount The ID identifies a unique discount for the invoice
projectLine C_Projectline_ID ProjectLine The Project Line indicates a unique project line.
priceAdjustment M_Offer_ID PricingAdjustment Promotion or Discount applied to a particular line (product) automatically by the system.
standardPrice PriceStd Mandatory
java.math.BigDecimal Net unit price before applying this promotion. In case multiple promotions are applied in cascade, this price is the one after applying all promotions with more priority than current one.

This field is populated in case the used price list does not include taxes.

excludeforwithholding Excludeforwithholding java.lang.Boolean
editLineAmount Iseditlinenetamt java.lang.Boolean A flag used to allow the end-user to edit Line Net Amount field.
taxableAmount Taxbaseamt java.math.BigDecimal The Tax Base Amount indicates the base amount used for calculating the tax amount.
grossAmount Line_Gross_Amount java.math.BigDecimal This is the total amount against a line ( i.e product price * quantity + taxes )
grossUnitPrice Gross_Unit_Price java.math.BigDecimal This is the price that is provided when the price is inclusive of taxes.
businessPartner C_Bpartner_ID BusinessPartner A Business Partner is anyone with whom you transact. This can include a customer, vendor, employee or any combination of these.
periodNumber Periodnumber java.lang.Long Set here the number of periods to be used when deferring the revenue
baseGrossUnitPrice grosspricestd Mandatory
asset A_Asset_ID FinancialMgmtAsset Any item of economic value owned by the corporation, especially that which could be converted to cash.
deferredPlanType DefPlanType Max Length: 60
java.lang.String Set the type of plan to be used when deferring revenue
grossListPrice Grosspricelist Mandatory
java.math.BigDecimal The Gross List Price is the official price stated by the selected tax included pricelist and the currency of the document.
project C_Project_ID Project Identifier of a project defined within the Project & Service Management module.
deferred IsDeferred Mandatory
java.lang.Boolean When flagged revenue of the product will be deferred using the plan and the number of periods
period C_Period_ID FinancialMgmtPeriod The Period indicates an exclusive range of dates for a calendar.
costcenter C_Costcenter_ID Costcenter Division that adds to the cost of an organization. Internal structure for cost allocation.
stDimension User1_ID UserDimension1 The user defined element displays the optional elements that have been defined for this account combination.
ndDimension User2_ID UserDimension2 The user defined element displays the optional elements that have been defined for this account combination.
explode Explode Mandatory
java.lang.Boolean Explode the BOM product
bOMParent BOM_Parent_ID InvoiceLine
matchLCCosts Match_Lccosts java.lang.Boolean
operativeUOM C_Aum UOM The Alternative UOM defines a unique non monetary unit of measure
operativeQuantity Aumqty java.math.BigDecimal The number of a certain item involved in the transaction, according to the defined Operative UOM.
invoiceLineBOMParentIDList InvoiceLine
invoiceLineAccountingDimensionList InvoiceLineAccountingDimension
invoiceLineOfferList InvoiceLineOffer
invoiceLineTaxList InvoiceLineTax
landedCostCostList LandedCostCost
landedCostMatchedList LandedCostMatched
procurementPOInvoiceMatchList ProcurementPOInvoiceMatch
procurementReceiptInvoiceMatchList ProcurementReceiptInvoiceMatch
salesCommissionDetailList SalesCommissionDetail

Java Entity Class

  * The contents of this file are subject to the Openbravo  Public  License
  * Version  1.1  (the  "License"),  being   the  Mozilla   Public  License
  * Version 1.1  with a permitted attribution clause; you may not  use this
  * file except in compliance with the License. You  may  obtain  a copy of
  * the License at
  * Software distributed under the License  is  distributed  on  an "AS IS"
  * basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
  * License for the specific  language  governing  rights  and  limitations
  * under the License.
  * The Original Code is Openbravo ERP.
  * The Initial Developer of the Original Code is Openbravo SLU
  * All portions are Copyright (C) 2008-2019 Openbravo SLU
  * All Rights Reserved.
  * Contributor(s):  ______________________________________.
 package org.openbravo.model.common.invoice;
 import java.math.BigDecimal;
 import java.util.ArrayList;
 import java.util.Date;
 import java.util.List;
 import org.openbravo.base.structure.ActiveEnabled;
 import org.openbravo.base.structure.BaseOBObject;
 import org.openbravo.base.structure.ClientEnabled;
 import org.openbravo.base.structure.OrganizationEnabled;
 import org.openbravo.base.structure.Traceable;
 import org.openbravo.model.common.businesspartner.BusinessPartner;
 import org.openbravo.model.common.enterprise.Organization;
 import org.openbravo.model.common.order.OrderLine;
 import org.openbravo.model.common.plm.AttributeSetInstance;
 import org.openbravo.model.common.plm.Product;
 import org.openbravo.model.common.plm.ProductUOM;
 import org.openbravo.model.common.uom.UOM;
 import org.openbravo.model.financialmgmt.accounting.Costcenter;
 import org.openbravo.model.financialmgmt.accounting.UserDimension1;
 import org.openbravo.model.financialmgmt.accounting.UserDimension2;
 import org.openbravo.model.financialmgmt.assetmgmt.Asset;
 import org.openbravo.model.financialmgmt.calendar.Period;
 import org.openbravo.model.materialmgmt.cost.LCMatched;
 import org.openbravo.model.materialmgmt.cost.LandedCostCost;
 import org.openbravo.model.materialmgmt.transaction.ShipmentInOutLine;
 import org.openbravo.model.pricing.priceadjustment.PriceAdjustment;
 import org.openbravo.model.procurement.POInvoiceMatch;
 import org.openbravo.model.procurement.ReceiptInvoiceMatch;
 import org.openbravo.model.project.Project;
 import org.openbravo.model.project.ProjectLine;
 import org.openbravo.model.sales.CommissionDetail;
 import org.openbravo.model.timeandexpense.ResourceAssignment;
  * Entity class for entity InvoiceLine (stored in table C_InvoiceLine).
  * NOTE: This class should not be instantiated directly. To instantiate this
  * class the {@link org.openbravo.base.provider.OBProvider} should be used.
 public class InvoiceLine extends BaseOBObject implements Traceable, ClientEnabled, OrganizationEnabled, ActiveEnabled {
     private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
     public static final String TABLE_NAME = "C_InvoiceLine";
     public static final String ENTITY_NAME = "InvoiceLine";
     public static final String PROPERTY_ID = "id";
     public static final String PROPERTY_CLIENT = "client";
     public static final String PROPERTY_ORGANIZATION = "organization";
     public static final String PROPERTY_ACTIVE = "active";
     public static final String PROPERTY_CREATIONDATE = "creationDate";
     public static final String PROPERTY_CREATEDBY = "createdBy";
     public static final String PROPERTY_UPDATED = "updated";
     public static final String PROPERTY_UPDATEDBY = "updatedBy";
     public static final String PROPERTY_INVOICE = "invoice";
     public static final String PROPERTY_SALESORDERLINE = "salesOrderLine";
     public static final String PROPERTY_GOODSSHIPMENTLINE = "goodsShipmentLine";
     public static final String PROPERTY_LINENO = "lineNo";
     public static final String PROPERTY_DESCRIPTION = "description";
     public static final String PROPERTY_FINANCIALINVOICELINE = "financialInvoiceLine";
     public static final String PROPERTY_ACCOUNT = "account";
     public static final String PROPERTY_PRODUCT = "product";
     public static final String PROPERTY_INVOICEDQUANTITY = "invoicedQuantity";
     public static final String PROPERTY_LISTPRICE = "listPrice";
     public static final String PROPERTY_UNITPRICE = "unitPrice";
     public static final String PROPERTY_PRICELIMIT = "priceLimit";
     public static final String PROPERTY_LINENETAMOUNT = "lineNetAmount";
     public static final String PROPERTY_CHARGE = "charge";
     public static final String PROPERTY_CHARGEAMOUNT = "chargeAmount";
     public static final String PROPERTY_UOM = "uOM";
     public static final String PROPERTY_TAX = "tax";
     public static final String PROPERTY_RESOURCEASSIGNMENT = "resourceAssignment";
     public static final String PROPERTY_TAXAMOUNT = "taxAmount";
     public static final String PROPERTY_ATTRIBUTESETVALUE = "attributeSetValue";
     public static final String PROPERTY_DESCRIPTIONONLY = "descriptionOnly";
     public static final String PROPERTY_ORDERQUANTITY = "orderQuantity";
     public static final String PROPERTY_ORDERUOM = "orderUOM";
     public static final String PROPERTY_INVOICEDISCOUNT = "invoiceDiscount";
     public static final String PROPERTY_PROJECTLINE = "projectLine";
     public static final String PROPERTY_PRICEADJUSTMENT = "priceAdjustment";
     public static final String PROPERTY_STANDARDPRICE = "standardPrice";
     public static final String PROPERTY_EXCLUDEFORWITHHOLDING = "excludeforwithholding";
     public static final String PROPERTY_EDITLINEAMOUNT = "editLineAmount";
     public static final String PROPERTY_TAXABLEAMOUNT = "taxableAmount";
     public static final String PROPERTY_GROSSAMOUNT = "grossAmount";
     public static final String PROPERTY_GROSSUNITPRICE = "grossUnitPrice";
     public static final String PROPERTY_BUSINESSPARTNER = "businessPartner";
     public static final String PROPERTY_PERIODNUMBER = "periodNumber";
     public static final String PROPERTY_BASEGROSSUNITPRICE = "baseGrossUnitPrice";
     public static final String PROPERTY_ASSET = "asset";
     public static final String PROPERTY_DEFERREDPLANTYPE = "deferredPlanType";
     public static final String PROPERTY_GROSSLISTPRICE = "grossListPrice";
     public static final String PROPERTY_PROJECT = "project";
     public static final String PROPERTY_DEFERRED = "deferred";
     public static final String PROPERTY_PERIOD = "period";
     public static final String PROPERTY_COSTCENTER = "costcenter";
     public static final String PROPERTY_STDIMENSION = "stDimension";
     public static final String PROPERTY_NDDIMENSION = "ndDimension";
     public static final String PROPERTY_EXPLODE = "explode";
     public static final String PROPERTY_BOMPARENT = "bOMParent";
     public static final String PROPERTY_MATCHLCCOSTS = "matchLCCosts";
     public static final String PROPERTY_OPERATIVEUOM = "operativeUOM";
     public static final String PROPERTY_OPERATIVEQUANTITY = "operativeQuantity";
     public static final String PROPERTY_INVOICELINEBOMPARENTIDLIST = "invoiceLineBOMParentIDList";
     public static final String PROPERTY_INVOICELINEACCOUNTINGDIMENSIONLIST = "invoiceLineAccountingDimensionList";
     public static final String PROPERTY_INVOICELINEOFFERLIST = "invoiceLineOfferList";
     public static final String PROPERTY_INVOICELINETAXLIST = "invoiceLineTaxList";
     public static final String PROPERTY_LANDEDCOSTCOSTLIST = "landedCostCostList";
     public static final String PROPERTY_LANDEDCOSTMATCHEDLIST = "landedCostMatchedList";
     public static final String PROPERTY_PROCUREMENTPOINVOICEMATCHLIST = "procurementPOInvoiceMatchList";
     public static final String PROPERTY_PROCUREMENTRECEIPTINVOICEMATCHLIST = "procurementReceiptInvoiceMatchList";
     public static final String PROPERTY_SALESCOMMISSIONDETAILLIST = "salesCommissionDetailList";
     public InvoiceLine() {
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_ACTIVE, true);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_FINANCIALINVOICELINE, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_INVOICEDQUANTITY, new BigDecimal(1));
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_DESCRIPTIONONLY, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_STANDARDPRICE, new BigDecimal(0));
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_EXCLUDEFORWITHHOLDING, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_EDITLINEAMOUNT, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_GROSSAMOUNT, new BigDecimal(0));
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_GROSSUNITPRICE, new BigDecimal(0));
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_BASEGROSSUNITPRICE, new BigDecimal(0));
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_DEFERRED, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_EXPLODE, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_MATCHLCCOSTS, false);
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_INVOICELINEBOMPARENTIDLIST, new ArrayList<Object>());
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_INVOICELINEACCOUNTINGDIMENSIONLIST, new ArrayList<Object>());
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_INVOICELINEOFFERLIST, new ArrayList<Object>());
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_INVOICELINETAXLIST, new ArrayList<Object>());
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_LANDEDCOSTCOSTLIST, new ArrayList<Object>());
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_LANDEDCOSTMATCHEDLIST, new ArrayList<Object>());
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_PROCUREMENTPOINVOICEMATCHLIST, new ArrayList<Object>());
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_PROCUREMENTRECEIPTINVOICEMATCHLIST, new ArrayList<Object>());
         setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_SALESCOMMISSIONDETAILLIST, new ArrayList<Object>());
     public String getEntityName() {
         return ENTITY_NAME;
     public String getId() {
         return (String) get(PROPERTY_ID);
     public void setId(String id) {
         set(PROPERTY_ID, id);
     public Client getClient() {
         return (Client) get(PROPERTY_CLIENT);
     public void setClient(Client client) {
         set(PROPERTY_CLIENT, client);
     public Organization getOrganization() {
         return (Organization) get(PROPERTY_ORGANIZATION);
     public void setOrganization(Organization organization) {
         set(PROPERTY_ORGANIZATION, organization);
     public Boolean isActive() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_ACTIVE);
     public void setActive(Boolean active) {
         set(PROPERTY_ACTIVE, active);
     public Date getCreationDate() {
         return (Date) get(PROPERTY_CREATIONDATE);
     public void setCreationDate(Date creationDate) {
         set(PROPERTY_CREATIONDATE, creationDate);
     public User getCreatedBy() {
         return (User) get(PROPERTY_CREATEDBY);
     public void setCreatedBy(User createdBy) {
         set(PROPERTY_CREATEDBY, createdBy);
     public Date getUpdated() {
         return (Date) get(PROPERTY_UPDATED);
     public void setUpdated(Date updated) {
         set(PROPERTY_UPDATED, updated);
     public User getUpdatedBy() {
         return (User) get(PROPERTY_UPDATEDBY);
     public void setUpdatedBy(User updatedBy) {
         set(PROPERTY_UPDATEDBY, updatedBy);
     public Invoice getInvoice() {
         return (Invoice) get(PROPERTY_INVOICE);
     public void setInvoice(Invoice invoice) {
         set(PROPERTY_INVOICE, invoice);
     public OrderLine getSalesOrderLine() {
         return (OrderLine) get(PROPERTY_SALESORDERLINE);
     public void setSalesOrderLine(OrderLine salesOrderLine) {
         set(PROPERTY_SALESORDERLINE, salesOrderLine);
     public ShipmentInOutLine getGoodsShipmentLine() {
         return (ShipmentInOutLine) get(PROPERTY_GOODSSHIPMENTLINE);
     public void setGoodsShipmentLine(ShipmentInOutLine goodsShipmentLine) {
         set(PROPERTY_GOODSSHIPMENTLINE, goodsShipmentLine);
     public Long getLineNo() {
         return (Long) get(PROPERTY_LINENO);
     public void setLineNo(Long lineNo) {
         set(PROPERTY_LINENO, lineNo);
     public String getDescription() {
         return (String) get(PROPERTY_DESCRIPTION);
     public void setDescription(String description) {
         set(PROPERTY_DESCRIPTION, description);
     public Boolean isFinancialInvoiceLine() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_FINANCIALINVOICELINE);
     public void setFinancialInvoiceLine(Boolean financialInvoiceLine) {
         set(PROPERTY_FINANCIALINVOICELINE, financialInvoiceLine);
     public GLItem getAccount() {
         return (GLItem) get(PROPERTY_ACCOUNT);
     public void setAccount(GLItem account) {
         set(PROPERTY_ACCOUNT, account);
     public Product getProduct() {
         return (Product) get(PROPERTY_PRODUCT);
     public void setProduct(Product product) {
         set(PROPERTY_PRODUCT, product);
     public BigDecimal getInvoicedQuantity() {
         return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_INVOICEDQUANTITY);
     public void setInvoicedQuantity(BigDecimal invoicedQuantity) {
         set(PROPERTY_INVOICEDQUANTITY, invoicedQuantity);
     public BigDecimal getListPrice() {
         return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_LISTPRICE);
     public void setListPrice(BigDecimal listPrice) {
         set(PROPERTY_LISTPRICE, listPrice);
     public BigDecimal getUnitPrice() {
         return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_UNITPRICE);
     public void setUnitPrice(BigDecimal unitPrice) {
         set(PROPERTY_UNITPRICE, unitPrice);
     public BigDecimal getPriceLimit() {
         return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_PRICELIMIT);
     public void setPriceLimit(BigDecimal priceLimit) {
         set(PROPERTY_PRICELIMIT, priceLimit);
     public BigDecimal getLineNetAmount() {
         return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_LINENETAMOUNT);
     public void setLineNetAmount(BigDecimal lineNetAmount) {
         set(PROPERTY_LINENETAMOUNT, lineNetAmount);
     public GLCharge getCharge() {
         return (GLCharge) get(PROPERTY_CHARGE);
     public void setCharge(GLCharge charge) {
         set(PROPERTY_CHARGE, charge);
     public BigDecimal getChargeAmount() {
         return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_CHARGEAMOUNT);
     public void setChargeAmount(BigDecimal chargeAmount) {
         set(PROPERTY_CHARGEAMOUNT, chargeAmount);
     public UOM getUOM() {
         return (UOM) get(PROPERTY_UOM);
     public void setUOM(UOM uOM) {
         set(PROPERTY_UOM, uOM);
     public TaxRate getTax() {
         return (TaxRate) get(PROPERTY_TAX);
     public void setTax(TaxRate tax) {
         set(PROPERTY_TAX, tax);
     public ResourceAssignment getResourceAssignment() {
         return (ResourceAssignment) get(PROPERTY_RESOURCEASSIGNMENT);
     public void setResourceAssignment(ResourceAssignment resourceAssignment) {
         set(PROPERTY_RESOURCEASSIGNMENT, resourceAssignment);
     public BigDecimal getTaxAmount() {
         return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_TAXAMOUNT);
     public void setTaxAmount(BigDecimal taxAmount) {
         set(PROPERTY_TAXAMOUNT, taxAmount);
     public AttributeSetInstance getAttributeSetValue() {
         return (AttributeSetInstance) get(PROPERTY_ATTRIBUTESETVALUE);
     public void setAttributeSetValue(AttributeSetInstance attributeSetValue) {
         set(PROPERTY_ATTRIBUTESETVALUE, attributeSetValue);
     public Boolean isDescriptionOnly() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_DESCRIPTIONONLY);
     public void setDescriptionOnly(Boolean descriptionOnly) {
         set(PROPERTY_DESCRIPTIONONLY, descriptionOnly);
     public BigDecimal getOrderQuantity() {
         return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_ORDERQUANTITY);
     public void setOrderQuantity(BigDecimal orderQuantity) {
         set(PROPERTY_ORDERQUANTITY, orderQuantity);
     public ProductUOM getOrderUOM() {
         return (ProductUOM) get(PROPERTY_ORDERUOM);
     public void setOrderUOM(ProductUOM orderUOM) {
         set(PROPERTY_ORDERUOM, orderUOM);
     public InvoiceDiscount getInvoiceDiscount() {
         return (InvoiceDiscount) get(PROPERTY_INVOICEDISCOUNT);
     public void setInvoiceDiscount(InvoiceDiscount invoiceDiscount) {
         set(PROPERTY_INVOICEDISCOUNT, invoiceDiscount);
     public ProjectLine getProjectLine() {
         return (ProjectLine) get(PROPERTY_PROJECTLINE);
     public void setProjectLine(ProjectLine projectLine) {
         set(PROPERTY_PROJECTLINE, projectLine);
     public PriceAdjustment getPriceAdjustment() {
         return (PriceAdjustment) get(PROPERTY_PRICEADJUSTMENT);
     public void setPriceAdjustment(PriceAdjustment priceAdjustment) {
         set(PROPERTY_PRICEADJUSTMENT, priceAdjustment);
     public BigDecimal getStandardPrice() {
         return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_STANDARDPRICE);
     public void setStandardPrice(BigDecimal standardPrice) {
         set(PROPERTY_STANDARDPRICE, standardPrice);
     public Boolean isExcludeforwithholding() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_EXCLUDEFORWITHHOLDING);
     public void setExcludeforwithholding(Boolean excludeforwithholding) {
         set(PROPERTY_EXCLUDEFORWITHHOLDING, excludeforwithholding);
     public Boolean isEditLineAmount() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_EDITLINEAMOUNT);
     public void setEditLineAmount(Boolean editLineAmount) {
         set(PROPERTY_EDITLINEAMOUNT, editLineAmount);
     public BigDecimal getTaxableAmount() {
         return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_TAXABLEAMOUNT);
     public void setTaxableAmount(BigDecimal taxableAmount) {
         set(PROPERTY_TAXABLEAMOUNT, taxableAmount);
     public BigDecimal getGrossAmount() {
         return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_GROSSAMOUNT);
     public void setGrossAmount(BigDecimal grossAmount) {
         set(PROPERTY_GROSSAMOUNT, grossAmount);
     public BigDecimal getGrossUnitPrice() {
         return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_GROSSUNITPRICE);
     public void setGrossUnitPrice(BigDecimal grossUnitPrice) {
         set(PROPERTY_GROSSUNITPRICE, grossUnitPrice);
     public BusinessPartner getBusinessPartner() {
         return (BusinessPartner) get(PROPERTY_BUSINESSPARTNER);
     public void setBusinessPartner(BusinessPartner businessPartner) {
         set(PROPERTY_BUSINESSPARTNER, businessPartner);
     public Long getPeriodNumber() {
         return (Long) get(PROPERTY_PERIODNUMBER);
     public void setPeriodNumber(Long periodNumber) {
         set(PROPERTY_PERIODNUMBER, periodNumber);
     public BigDecimal getBaseGrossUnitPrice() {
         return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_BASEGROSSUNITPRICE);
     public void setBaseGrossUnitPrice(BigDecimal baseGrossUnitPrice) {
         set(PROPERTY_BASEGROSSUNITPRICE, baseGrossUnitPrice);
     public Asset getAsset() {
         return (Asset) get(PROPERTY_ASSET);
     public void setAsset(Asset asset) {
         set(PROPERTY_ASSET, asset);
     public String getDeferredPlanType() {
         return (String) get(PROPERTY_DEFERREDPLANTYPE);
     public void setDeferredPlanType(String deferredPlanType) {
         set(PROPERTY_DEFERREDPLANTYPE, deferredPlanType);
     public BigDecimal getGrossListPrice() {
         return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_GROSSLISTPRICE);
     public void setGrossListPrice(BigDecimal grossListPrice) {
         set(PROPERTY_GROSSLISTPRICE, grossListPrice);
     public Project getProject() {
         return (Project) get(PROPERTY_PROJECT);
     public void setProject(Project project) {
         set(PROPERTY_PROJECT, project);
     public Boolean isDeferred() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_DEFERRED);
     public void setDeferred(Boolean deferred) {
         set(PROPERTY_DEFERRED, deferred);
     public Period getPeriod() {
         return (Period) get(PROPERTY_PERIOD);
     public void setPeriod(Period period) {
         set(PROPERTY_PERIOD, period);
     public Costcenter getCostcenter() {
         return (Costcenter) get(PROPERTY_COSTCENTER);
     public void setCostcenter(Costcenter costcenter) {
         set(PROPERTY_COSTCENTER, costcenter);
     public UserDimension1 getStDimension() {
         return (UserDimension1) get(PROPERTY_STDIMENSION);
     public void setStDimension(UserDimension1 stDimension) {
         set(PROPERTY_STDIMENSION, stDimension);
     public UserDimension2 getNdDimension() {
         return (UserDimension2) get(PROPERTY_NDDIMENSION);
     public void setNdDimension(UserDimension2 ndDimension) {
         set(PROPERTY_NDDIMENSION, ndDimension);
     public Boolean isExplode() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_EXPLODE);
     public void setExplode(Boolean explode) {
         set(PROPERTY_EXPLODE, explode);
     public InvoiceLine getBOMParent() {
         return (InvoiceLine) get(PROPERTY_BOMPARENT);
     public void setBOMParent(InvoiceLine bOMParent) {
         set(PROPERTY_BOMPARENT, bOMParent);
     public Boolean isMatchLCCosts() {
         return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_MATCHLCCOSTS);
     public void setMatchLCCosts(Boolean matchLCCosts) {
         set(PROPERTY_MATCHLCCOSTS, matchLCCosts);
     public UOM getOperativeUOM() {
         return (UOM) get(PROPERTY_OPERATIVEUOM);
     public void setOperativeUOM(UOM operativeUOM) {
         set(PROPERTY_OPERATIVEUOM, operativeUOM);
     public BigDecimal getOperativeQuantity() {
         return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_OPERATIVEQUANTITY);
     public void setOperativeQuantity(BigDecimal operativeQuantity) {
         set(PROPERTY_OPERATIVEQUANTITY, operativeQuantity);
     public List<InvoiceLine> getInvoiceLineBOMParentIDList() {
       return (List<InvoiceLine>) get(PROPERTY_INVOICELINEBOMPARENTIDLIST);
     public void setInvoiceLineBOMParentIDList(List<InvoiceLine> invoiceLineBOMParentIDList) {
     public List<InvoiceLineAccountingDimension> getInvoiceLineAccountingDimensionList() {
       return (List<InvoiceLineAccountingDimension>) get(PROPERTY_INVOICELINEACCOUNTINGDIMENSIONLIST);
     public void setInvoiceLineAccountingDimensionList(List<InvoiceLineAccountingDimension> invoiceLineAccountingDimensionList) {
         set(PROPERTY_INVOICELINEACCOUNTINGDIMENSIONLIST, invoiceLineAccountingDimensionList);
     public List<InvoiceLineOffer> getInvoiceLineOfferList() {
       return (List<InvoiceLineOffer>) get(PROPERTY_INVOICELINEOFFERLIST);
     public void setInvoiceLineOfferList(List<InvoiceLineOffer> invoiceLineOfferList) {
         set(PROPERTY_INVOICELINEOFFERLIST, invoiceLineOfferList);
     public List<InvoiceLineTax> getInvoiceLineTaxList() {
       return (List<InvoiceLineTax>) get(PROPERTY_INVOICELINETAXLIST);
     public void setInvoiceLineTaxList(List<InvoiceLineTax> invoiceLineTaxList) {
         set(PROPERTY_INVOICELINETAXLIST, invoiceLineTaxList);
     public List<LandedCostCost> getLandedCostCostList() {
       return (List<LandedCostCost>) get(PROPERTY_LANDEDCOSTCOSTLIST);
     public void setLandedCostCostList(List<LandedCostCost> landedCostCostList) {
         set(PROPERTY_LANDEDCOSTCOSTLIST, landedCostCostList);
     public List<LCMatched> getLandedCostMatchedList() {
       return (List<LCMatched>) get(PROPERTY_LANDEDCOSTMATCHEDLIST);
     public void setLandedCostMatchedList(List<LCMatched> landedCostMatchedList) {
         set(PROPERTY_LANDEDCOSTMATCHEDLIST, landedCostMatchedList);
     public List<POInvoiceMatch> getProcurementPOInvoiceMatchList() {
     public void setProcurementPOInvoiceMatchList(List<POInvoiceMatch> procurementPOInvoiceMatchList) {
         set(PROPERTY_PROCUREMENTPOINVOICEMATCHLIST, procurementPOInvoiceMatchList);
     public List<ReceiptInvoiceMatch> getProcurementReceiptInvoiceMatchList() {
     public void setProcurementReceiptInvoiceMatchList(List<ReceiptInvoiceMatch> procurementReceiptInvoiceMatchList) {
         set(PROPERTY_PROCUREMENTRECEIPTINVOICEMATCHLIST, procurementReceiptInvoiceMatchList);
     public List<CommissionDetail> getSalesCommissionDetailList() {
       return (List<CommissionDetail>) get(PROPERTY_SALESCOMMISSIONDETAILLIST);
     public void setSalesCommissionDetailList(List<CommissionDetail> salesCommissionDetailList) {
         set(PROPERTY_SALESCOMMISSIONDETAILLIST, salesCommissionDetailList);

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