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ERP/3.0/Developers Guide/Reference/Entity Model/M Costing Transactions HQL

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To the database table (M_Costing_Transactions_HQL) of this entity.



Property Column Constraints Type Description
cost cost java.math.BigDecimal Cost amount.
costing# M_Costing_ID MaterialMgmtCosting Average costs for purchases and productions
inventoryTransaction# transaction MaterialMgmtMaterialTransaction The ID identifies a unique record
movementDate movementDate java.util.Date The Movement Date indicates the date that a product moved in or out of inventory. This is the result of a shipment, receipt or inventory movement.
movementType movementType Max Length: 60
java.lang.String The Movement Type indicates the type of movement (in, out, to production, etc)
transactionCost transactionCost java.math.BigDecimal Total amount of the transaction based on product cost.
adjustmentAmt adjustmentAmt java.math.BigDecimal
cumCost cumCost java.math.BigDecimal
cumQty cumQty java.math.BigDecimal
id* id Max Length: 32
movementQuantity movementQuantity java.math.BigDecimal
price price java.math.BigDecimal The Price indicates the Price for a product or service.
trxProcessDate trxProcessDate java.util.Date Indicates the date and time when the transaction was processed.

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