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ERP/3.0/Developers Guide/Reference/Entity Model/M InOutLine PE HQL

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To the database table (M_InOutLine_PE_HQL) of this entity.



Property Column Constraints Type Description
createdBy createdBy Max Length: 60
java.lang.String The Created By field indicates the user who created this record.
creationDate created java.util.Date The Created field indicates the date that this record was created.
lineNo lineNo java.lang.Long Indicates the unique line for a document. It will also control the display order of the lines within a document.
movementDate movementDate java.util.Date The Movement Date indicates the date that a product moved in or out of inventory. This is the result of a shipment, receipt or inventory movement.
movementQuantity movementQuantity java.math.BigDecimal The Movement Quantity indicates the quantity of a product that has been moved.
operativeQuantity operativeQuantity java.math.BigDecimal The number of a certain item involved in the transaction, according to the defined Operative UOM.
operativeUOM operativeUOM Max Length: 30
java.lang.String The Alternative UOM defines a unique non monetary unit of measure
orderQuantity orderQuantity java.math.BigDecimal

Product quantity in the order uom.

product product Max Length: 30
java.lang.String Identifies an item which is either purchased or sold in this organization.
storageBin storageBin java.lang.String The Locator ID indicates where in a Warehouse a product is located.
uOM uOM Max Length: 5
java.lang.String The UOM defines a unique non monetary unit of measure
updated updated java.util.Date The Updated field indicates the date that this record was updated.
updatedBy updatedBy Max Length: 60
java.lang.String The Updated By field indicates the user who updated this record.
warehouse warehouse java.lang.String
documentNo documentNo java.lang.String The document number is usually automatically generated by the system and determined by the document type of the document. If the document is not saved, the preliminary number is displayed in "<>". If the document type of your document has no automatic document sequence defined, the field will be empty when creating a new document. This is for documents which usually have an external number (like vendor invoice). If you leave the field empty, the system will generate a document number for you. The document sequence used for this fallback number is defined in the "Document Sequence" window with the name "DocumentNo_<TableName>", where TableName is the actual name of the table inside the database (e.g. C_Order).
id*# id java.lang.String The Goods Shipment Line indicates a unique line in a Shipment document

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