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ERP/3.0/Developers Guide/Reference/Entity Model/aprm orderinvoice

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To the database table (aprm_orderinvoice) of this entity.



Property Column Constraints Type Description
writeoff writeoff java.lang.Boolean The Write Off Amount indicates the amount to be written off as uncollectible.
amount amount java.math.BigDecimal
businessPartner businessPartner Max Length: 32
java.lang.String A Business Partner is anyone with whom you transact. This can include a customer, vendor, employee or any combination of these.
businessPartnerName businessPartnerName Max Length: 60
java.lang.String Business Partner Name
obSelected OB_Selected java.lang.Boolean
expectedAmount expectedAmount java.math.BigDecimal
expectedDate expectedDate java.util.Date Date when the payment is due without deductions or discount
invoiceNo invoiceNo Max Length: 60
invoicedAmount invoicedAmount java.math.BigDecimal The monetary sum that is invoiced for a specified item or service.
outstandingAmount outstandingAmount java.math.BigDecimal Outstanding Amount. Amount pending to be paid
paymentMethod paymentMethod Max Length: 32
paymentMethodName paymentMethodName Max Length: 60
java.lang.String It is the method by which payment is expected to be made or received.
id* paymentScheduleDetail Max Length: 32
salesOrderNo# salesOrderNo Max Length: 60
java.lang.String Order Number

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