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Release Notes/3.0RC3/it


Openbravo 3.0 RC3 disponibile

Data Rilascio : 30 Novembre 2010

Openbravo 3.0 RC3 è la terza release candidate della serie 3.0 .

Questa release offre una 3.0 pienamente funzionale distribuzione intensa per :

Le Release candidates sono versioni incomplete della 3.0, rilasciando un subset della 3.0 road map. Nuove funzionalità sono state testate ma devono considerarsi non ancora but should be considered not yet comprovata.

Early adopters interested in deploying Openbravo 3.0 RC3 for new implementation projects:

Check out what's new, the known issues and frequently asked questions about the next release of Openbravo. As always, you are encouraged to tell us what you think, by raising an issue in or discussing it in the Early Releases Discussion forum.

Cosa c'è di Nuovo

Check the complete list of the new functionality in the Openbravo development roadmap (already available features are marked with a delivered sign Delivered).

Known issues

Bulbgraph.png   IMPORTANT NOTE: we have detected a packaging problem in our recently released 3.0RC3 appliances and tarball. Read this post too see what users are affected and how to solve it in case you already downloaded and used 3.0RC3.
Bulbgraph.png   The update from RC2 to RC3 will require 2 'Scan for updates' + rebuild cycles.

The first one will update core to a version which does know about a new feature called Module Merges used in the second update of the rest of the system which does contain two of those merges.

In some cases after the second "scan - rebuild" cycle New Login page appears with old styling elements or My Openbravo page is loaded blank. To fix it just refresh the page in the browser.

Download Details

Appliance Source code tarball
QEMU-Parallels VirtualBox VMware Xen Download

Amazon EC2 AMI

EU: ami-a9dde8dd (32 bit)

US: ami-86d721ef (32 bit)

Bulbgraph.png   The Ubuntu package has been delivered to the Canonical archive admins, and following their QA procedure it will be available in the Partner Repository within a few days.

Online Demo

We have set up an online demo so that it's easier for you to test this preview 3.0 RC3 release. Use Openbravo as the username and openbravo as the password (it's case sensitive). Check it out!


Other resources and links

Related blog posts:

Special thanks

Finally, we give our thanks to the Openbravo Community which continues to support us with their valuable time and knowledge. We also thank all Openbravo users for making Openbravo a huge success.

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