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ERP 2.50:Automated Testing/Screenshots



Several times, a failing Selenium test case does not show enough information through console output. That makes very difficult to understand what went wrong nor what is the required action to fix it.

So Openbravo's Selenium tests have a foundation feature for taking screenshots whenever a test case fails.

Where to find screenshots

It is important to note that if build is successful, no screenshot will be taken. Only failures will trigger an screenshot, which means standard number of screenshots is one. Eventually, a second screenshot could appear, as a consequence of parallelism. However, even in that case, only one of those screenshots will be signicant, the other might be a side effect.

When using Hudson CI jobs

Hudson's interface allows you to find easily an screenshot. You could find a "Screenshots" link in your job's main page.

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When clicking that link, you will be redirected to the screenshot's list.

Sometimes, the direct link is not available. In that case, you should be able to go to

Workspace > automation > pi-smoke > last-results > qa-pi-inc-pgsql > screenshots

and you will get the same list as before.

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Note that you need enough permissions to the job in order to access the list.

When using command line

You should navigate to


For example, for using pi-smoke automation branch on a context named openbravo:


Techincal info

Screenshots were added to the, in the failed method. Built-in command is used:


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