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ERP 2.50:Configuration Manual/Tax Payment

Below described steps are the steps end-user should follow in order to setup Tax Register Types which will be later used for Tax Payment:

Tax Register Types setup

Gl item taxpayment.png

Tax register type1.png

Tax register type lines.png

Tax Payment

Tax payment.png

Tax payment lines.png

As a result a Journal Entry is generated we can navigate to if we press the link “Journal Entry”


Posting will look as described below:

VAT payable (Sales tax) 13.899,79 DEBIT
VAT deductible (Purchase tax) 10.431,27 (CREDIT)
Account (46500) Tax Payment 3.468,27 (CREDIT)


Later on we should post the payment:

Account (46500) 3.468,27 (DEBIT)
Bank (572000) 3.468,27 (CREDIT)

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