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ERP 2.50:Developers Guide

ERP 2.50:Developers Guide


Welcome to the Openbravo ERP developers guide! This developers guide contains a wealth of information on how to change, extend and build further on Openbravo ERP. The developers guide provides valuable information for starting developers, medium experienced and Openbravo expert developers.

The introduction is relevant when starting development with Openbravo (see Development Environment and Development Concepts) and for developers wanting to know more about the changes from 2.40 to 2.50 (see what's new and howto upgrade).

The how-to sections describe Openbravo development topics using a focused development goal. There are how-tos on modularity, extending the datamodel, adding windows and webservices, the data access layer and more.

The Concepts and Fundamentals section gives a detailed description of all relevant Openbravo ERP development concepts. The content ranges from common development topics (such as the project structure, build tasks) to modularity and the application dictionary. Each of the main layers of the application is discussed: database, middle-tier and web-tier with webservices.

The Reference section consists of a detailed description of the data model from different points of view: the database model, the entity model, the hibernate mapping and the REST XML Schema. In addition javadoc and other reference-like topics are discussed in this section.

The Code Snippets provides short coding examples of various solutions.

The Examples section contains examples of existing code in the Openbravo ERP application. The purpose of this chapter is to give directions for the reader to study current Openbravo code and use that as the basis for own custom code

Finally the Tips and Tricks section contains troubleshooting tips. The tips and tricks are based on experience and user questions and solutions in the forums.

How to start

As a starting developer, start with setting up your development environment as described here. The main development concepts section gives a good description of the main Openbravo development topics. After the introduction start with the Modularity how-to and then with a how-to that is relevant for your development project. The Examples and Code Snippets contain other good examples which may be of use.

A medium experienced developer can pick a relevant how-to and read more about Openbravo concepts in the Concepts and Fundamentals sections. When developing the Reference sections can be of great help.

For experienced developers it can be interesting to see what changed from 2.40 to 2.50 (see what's new and howto upgrade). The Concepts and Fundamentals contains detailed information for better understanding of Openbravo. The Reference sections can be of great help during development, it describes the datamodel, hibernate mappings, java doc etc.. See also the Tips and Tricks section for helpful troubleshooting tips.

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