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ERP 2.50:Developers Guide/Database Model/ Field

ERP 2.50:Developers Guide/Database Model/




The Field table defines the Fields displayed within a tab. Changes made to the Field Tab become visible after restart due to caching

This table contains the following columns:

Name Nullable Data Type Description
AD_Field_ID NVARCHAR2(32)Any element which can be viewed, edited, or added to a window.
AD_Client_ID NVARCHAR2(32)Client for this installation.
AD_Org_ID NVARCHAR2(32)Organizational entity within client
IsActive NCHAR(1)A flag indicating whether this record is available for use or de-activated.
Created NDATEThe date that this record is completed.
CreatedBy NVARCHAR2(32)User who created this records
Updated NDATEx not implemented
UpdatedBy NVARCHAR2(32)User who updated this records
Name NNVARCHAR2(60)A non-unique identifier for a record/document often used as a search tool.
Description YNVARCHAR2(255)A space to write additional related information.
Help YNVARCHAR2(2000)A comment that adds additional information to help users work with fields.
IsCentrallyMaintained NCHAR(1)A flag indicating that this label is managed in a central repository.
AD_Tab_ID NVARCHAR2(32)An indication that a tab is displayed within a window.
AD_Column_ID YVARCHAR2(32)A link to the database column of the table.
AD_FieldGroup_ID YVARCHAR2(32)A classification of similar fields.
IsDisplayed NCHAR(1)Determines, if this field is displayed
DisplayLogic YNVARCHAR2(2000)A specification of statements which, when evaluated as false, cause the field to appear hidden.
DisplayLength YNUMBER(10, 0)The number of characters that made be added to a specified field.
IsReadOnly NCHAR(1)An object which may only be viewed, not edited.
SeqNo YNUMBER(10, 0)The order of records in a specified document.
SortNo YNUMBER(10, 0)A means of sorting and ordering records in a window.
IsSameLine NCHAR(1)An indication that the field will display on the same line as the previous one.
IsFieldOnly YCHAR(1)Label is not displayed
IsEncrypted NCHAR(1)An indication noting if the input box of a field will present full text or just asterisks.
ShowInRelation YCHAR(1)Show in Grid View
Isfirstfocusedfield YCHAR(1)Is First Focused Field
AD_Module_ID NVARCHAR2(32)Module
Grid_Seqno YNUMBER(10, 0)Grid position

Other Info

Check constraints

These are the check constraints for this table:



These are the indexes for this table (for each index there is a list of all the columns included within it):

Non Unique





The Field identifies a field on a database table.



Foreign key column to AD_Client table, (column: AD_Client_ID)

Validation Rule AD_Client Security validation: Clients with user access rights. With the following code:

AD_Client.AD_Client_ID IN (@#User_Client@)



Foreign key column to AD_Org table, (column: AD_Org_ID)



There are two methods of making records unavailable in the system: One is to delete the record, the other is to de-activate the record. A de-activated record is not available for selection, but available for reporting. There are two reasons for de-activating and not deleting records:
(1) The system requires the record for auditing purposes.
(2) The record is referenced by other records. E.g., you cannot delete a Business Partner, if there are existing invoices for it. By de-activating the Business Partner you prevent it from being used in future transactions.


Creation Date

The Created field indicates the date that this record was created.


Created By

Foreign key column to AD_User table, (column: AD_User_ID)



The Updated field indicates the date that this record was updated.


Updated By

Foreign key column to AD_User table, (column: AD_User_ID)



A more descriptive identifier (that does need to be unique) of a record/document that is used as a default search option along with the search key (that is unique and mostly shorter). It is up to 60 characters in length.



A description is limited to 255 characters.



The Help field contains a hint, comment or help about the use of this item.


Central Maintenance

The Centrally Maintained checkbox indicates if the Name, Description and Help maintained in 'System Element' table or 'Window' table.



Foreign key column to AD_Tab table, (column: AD_Tab_ID)



Foreign key column to AD_Column table, (column: AD_Column_ID)

Validation Rule AD_Column must be in AD_Table: Table must be previously defined. With the following code:



Field Group

Foreign key column to AD_FieldGroup table, (column: AD_FieldGroup_ID)



If the field is displayed, the field Display Logic will determine at runtime, if it is actually displayed


Display Logic

A specification of statements which, when evaluated as false, cause the field to appear hidden.


Displayed Length

Display length is the size that will be appear for the field, it can be different that the actual size of the column (note that if it is bigger than the column the data will be truncated to the column size).


Read Only

The Read Only indicates that this field may only be Read. It may not be updated.


Sequence Number

The Sequence indicates the order of records


Record Sort No.

The Record Sort No indicates the ascending sort sequence of the records


Display on Same Line

An indication that the field will display on the same line as the previous one.


Display Field Only

The Field Only checkbox indicates that the column will display without a label.


Display Encription

Display encryption - all characters are displayed as '*'. Data storage encryption (i.e. you will not be able to report the data via report tools) is set in the Column definition.


Show in Grid View

When this field is set as 'Y' the field will be shown in the grid view (as well as in the form view), otherwise it only will be displayed in the form view.


Is First Focused Field

When it is active this field will be focused by default when the tab is opened.



Foreign key column to AD_Module table, (column: AD_Module_ID)

Validation Rule Ad_Module_ID IsInDevelopment: AD_Module_ID IsInDevelopment. With the following code:

IsInDevelopment = 'Y' AND type != 'T'


Grid Position

Position of the column in grid view. If there are fields shown in grid with this property set, they will be placed at first in grid ordered by this value, after them, the rest of fields ordered by their seqNo value.


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